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Carbon sequestration in an expanded lake system during the Toarcian oceanic anoxic event

Nature Geoscience Advanced Online - Mon, 01/16/2017 - 00:00

Nature Geoscience. doi:10.1038/ngeo2871

Authors: Weimu Xu, Micha Ruhl, Hugh C. Jenkyns, Stephen P. Hesselbo, James B. Riding, David Selby, B. David A. Naafs, Johan W. H. Weijers, Richard D. Pancost, Erik W. Tegelaar & Erdem F. Idiz

After record low Tornado year, NOAA accused of inflating number of tornadoes – ‘Graph is grossly dishonest’

Climate Depot - Sun, 01/15/2017 - 18:49
Climate Depot Note: Despite NOAA Tornado data revealing 2016 as ‘one of the quietest years since records began in 1954’ and below average for 5th year in a row, the federal agency is now hyping statistics which allegedly show an increasing number of tornadoes. Extreme weather expert Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. had noted that 2016 NOAA data revealed [...]

All hail Donald Trump: slayer of the Great Green Blob

Climate Depot - Sat, 01/14/2017 - 18:33
By James Delingpole Trump is going to be the best US president since Ronald Reagan and for at least one of the same reasons: he was never the GOP establishment’s preferred candidate, which means he has the attitude, the independence and the leeway to be much more radical — and effective — than any of his [...]

Flashback 2008: Prominent Scientist Fired By Gore Says Warming Alarm ‘Mistaken’

Climate Depot - Sat, 01/14/2017 - 14:45
Monday December 22, 2008 Posted By Marc Morano – 8:25 AM – Marc_Morano@EPW.Senate.Gov   Prominent Scientist Fired By Gore Says Warming Alarm ‘Mistaken’   11 More Scientists Join Senate Report of More Than 650 Dissenters   ‘The current alarm over carbon dioxide is mistaken’  Link to Full Printable PDF Report of More Than 650 Dissenting Scientists WASHINGTON, DC [...]

Flashback 2009: Prominent Scientist Tells Congress: Earth in ‘CO2 Famine’

Climate Depot - Sat, 01/14/2017 - 14:42
Wednesday February 25, 2009 Posted By Marc Morano – 5:05 PM ET – Marc_Morano@EPW.Senate.Gov Prominent Scientist Tells Congress: Earth in ‘CO2 Famine’  ‘The increase of CO2 is not a cause for alarm and will be good for mankind’  ‘Children should not be force-fed propaganda, masquerading as science’ Washington, DC — Award-winning Princeton University Physicist Dr. [...]

Exxon Ordered to Turn Over 40 Years of Climate Change Research

Climate Depot - Sat, 01/14/2017 - 08:40
MASSACHUSETTS — (CNN) ExxonMobil has lost a key battle in an investigation into whether the oil giant misled the public about the dangers of climate change. A Massachusetts judge ordered Exxon on Wednesday to hand over more than four decades of the company’s climate change research. The court rejected Exxon’s emergency motion to kill the [...]

Trump meets with Princeton scientist who called ‘global warming’ fears ‘pure belief disguised as science’

Climate Depot - Fri, 01/13/2017 - 21:43
President-Elect Donald Trump met with prominent Princeton University physics professor Dr. Will Happer, an outspoken climate skeptic, on Friday in New York. See: Washington Post: Trump meets with Princeton physicist who says global warming is good for us Happer, who has authored 200 peer-reviewed scientific papers, has testified to the U.S. Senate that the Earth [...]

Vatican Invites ‘Population Bomb’ Hoaxer Paul Ehrlich to Address Biodiversity Conference

Climate Depot - Fri, 01/13/2017 - 19:04
Breitbart News by THOMAS D. WILLIAMS, PH.D. 13 Jan 2017255 The Vatican has invited the most notorious population alarmist in recent history to speak at an upcoming Vatican-run conference titled ‘Biological Extinction.” The conference, sponsored jointly by the Pontifical Academy of Science and the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, will address issues of biodiversity, “great extinctions” [...]

Enviros attack Trump EPA nominee for ‘encouraging debate’ on climate science

Climate Depot - Fri, 01/13/2017 - 18:59
  In an attack ad released by the left-wing EDF Action Fund, Donald Trump’s pick to lead the EPA, Attorney General Scott Pruitt of Oklahoma, is criticized for encouraging a debate in climate science. EDF Attack AD: “He believes debate should be encouraged about the truth of climate science.” Who is Scott Pruitt EDF Action [...]

Imaging proteins at the single-molecule level [Biophysics and Computational Biology]

PNAS Early Edition Articles - Fri, 01/13/2017 - 14:12
Imaging single proteins has been a long-standing ambition for advancing various fields in natural science, as for instance structural biology, biophysics, and molecular nanotechnology. In particular, revealing the distinct conformations of an individual protein is of utmost importance. Here, we show the imaging of individual proteins and protein complexes by...

Flashback 1967 National Geographic: Sunspots Control Glaciers – ‘Ice masses advance & retreat in direct correlation’ with sunspots

Climate Depot - Fri, 01/13/2017 - 12:49
Posted on January 13, 2017 by tonyheller You should, in science, believe logic and arguments, carefully drawn, and not authorities. – Richard Feynman Fifty years ago, National Geographic understood that the sun controls glaciers. But that was before they realized they could make money lying about the climate. National Geographic : 1967 Feb, Page 194 This was [...]

Climate Scare Over: Heavy Rain And Snow End California’s 5-Year Drought

Climate Depot - Fri, 01/13/2017 - 12:34
Date: 13/01/17 USA Today The recent onslaught of rain and snow finally brought much-needed relief to northern California, ending a punishing five-year drought, federal officials said Thursday. “Bye bye drought … Don’t let the door hit you on the way out,” tweeted the National Weather Service’s office in Reno, Nev., which monitors parts of the region. [...]


Climate Depot - Fri, 01/13/2017 - 12:31
This time, instead of mortgages being given out like candy, it’s a government backed program called Property Assessed Clean Energy (or PACE for short) that was drawn up with the intention of incentivizing Americans to renovate their homes to make them more energy efficient. The goal—more energy efficient homes—is a sensible one; boosting energy efficiency is [...]

Trump appointees on climate change: Not fake, not a big deal either

Climate Depot - Fri, 01/13/2017 - 12:04
By Chris Mooney January 13 at 11:46 AM We’re not seeing any outright denial on this front. What we are seeing, though, is a tendency to either avoid full confrontation with the issue or to minimize it. It started with Rex Tillerson’s hearing Wednesday. The former Exxon Mobil chief knows the subject of climate change [...]

British parliamentarians request clarity on Hinkley deal

World Nuclear News - Fri, 01/13/2017 - 11:40
British parliamentarians have asked the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy to clarify some of the financial aspects of the government's agreement with EDF and its partner China General Nuclear to build the Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant.

NuScale makes history with SMR design application

World Nuclear News - Fri, 01/13/2017 - 11:39
NuScale Power has asked the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission to approve the company's small modular reactor commercial power plant design. This is the first-ever SMR design certification application to be submitted to the NRC.

UAE unveils long-term energy strategy

World Nuclear News - Fri, 01/13/2017 - 10:21
The United Arab Emirates has unveiled plans to increase the contribution of "clean energy" in its total energy mix to 50% by 2050. The UAE's new energy strategy sees half of the country's energy coming from renewables and nuclear, with the remaining half coming from fossil fuels.
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