And Now, the Paris Hilton Plan?

As if there weren't already enough confusion swirling around the US energy plan, or lack their of, now Paris Hilton, celebutant and well know party girl, has thrown her plan into the ring. In an online video, a swimsuit clad Hilton announced her candidacy for president and suggested an energy plan that combined elements of McCain's offshore oil drilling plan and Barack Obama's incentives for new energy technology. “I want America to know that I'm, like, totally ready to lead,” the sultry, blond heiress cooed to the camera.

The Cost of Coal

One of the ideas that gets mentioned in energy policy sound bites is “clean coal,” but what is entailed in cleaning up coal is not detailed. In The Resilient Earth we described coal as the most dangerous energy source on the planet—why? In Chapter 17, in the section titled Coal's False Promise we explain why coal is best left buried in the earth, where the efforts of millions of years of active geology has placed it.

Equal Opportunity Stupidity

Looking over the people who have been named Crank of the Week on this website it would appear that we are anti-Democrat or at least right wingers—this is not the case. We are equal opportunity debunkers of muzzy headed thinking and to prove it here is a collection of short takes on dumb ideas that span the political spectrum.

How Dumb is Nancy Pelosi?

Pelosi, "The 3rd most powerful person in the world," (her words) proved how stupid she really is when her own fellow Dems avoided her like the plague when she proposed tapping into the Strategic Petroleum Reserves. There was nothing strategic about her proposal, but she got an inch or two in A16 in some lib newspapers. "The 3rd most powerful person in the world" must feel pretty bad having gained the lowest approval rating for Congress in our country's history. But then, why should she care? She has her own Boeing 707 to commute between DC and California.

Hope for a Brighter Future

Lest you think that this site is all doom and gloom, concerned only with debunking eco-naysayers and energy illiterate politicians, this post contains some items of good news. As mentioned elsewhere on this site, Texas oilman T. Boone Pickens has kicked off a gigantic wind power project in the Texas panhandle, accompanied by a number of high-impact TV ads that seem to be aimed at moving the US Congress off its duff.

Ozone, Ice Caps and Unintended Consequences

One of the central points presented in The Resilient Earth is the fundamental immaturity of climate science and how unreasonable it is to ask for accurate predictions working from the current state of both climate theory and available data. We used the formulation of the three pillars of science—theory, experiment and computation—as the framework of our argument. As an example why we take this stand consider a recent article in the journal Science.

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