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Climategate, Copenhagen & the Collapse of Climate Change

By now, even the American mainstream media has picked up on the hacked/leaked emails from CRU that implicate many of the world's top climate change activists in a tawdry web of lies and deception. US President Obama has reversed his decision not to attend the Copenhagen climate conference in a vain attempt to buck-up his flagging green credentials. Some claim we are witnessing the collapse of the climate change scam that the perfidious UN IPCC has been running for the past two decades, but is this true? All the signs indicate that the anthropogenic global warming crowd is going to ignore Climategate and proceed with business as usual.

Resilient Earth Author Lead On Book Chapter

A new book, entitled Data Engineering: Mining, Information and Intelligence, has just been published by Springer as part of the International Series in Operations Research & Management Science. Dr. Doug L. Hoffman was lead author on the Performance Modeling of Enterprise Grid Systems chapter of the newly published text book. The work is aimed at academics, students and industrial researchers in computer science and information systems.

Climate Fools Day Anniversary Conference

Climate Fools Day is holding its 1st Year Anniversary Meeting on Wednesday afternoon, Oct 28th, at Imperial College London. Reportedly, Piers Corbyn will make an important announcement concerning his Solar theory. We encourage everyone who can attend to do so.

Chilling Stars Author Henrik Svensmark On Video

In a five-part video series featuring Danish scientist Henrik Svensmark, the author of The Chilling Stars talks about his research into the effects that cosmic rays have on cloud formation. His theories contradict the IPCC’s theory of anthropogenic global warming, which basically blames last century's rise in average global temperature on human CO2 emissions. As many good scientists outside of the inbred climate change community have noticed, carbon dioxide just isn't up to the job of causing last century's observed global temperature rise. Instead, Svensmark and his colleagues hypothesize that clouds created by cosmic rays, which are in part controlled by the activity of the sun, regulate Earth's climate. Because this contradicts the IPCC's view of global warming, Svensmark's theory has been ignored by the climate alarmists and Svensmark himself vilified.

Join Us in Springfield, August 13

Al Simmons and Doug L. Hoffman, the authors of The Resilient Earth and this web site, will be attending the Scientists for Truth conference, “Debunking Climate Change Myths,” in Springfield, Missouri on August 13, 2009.

TRE Author Al Simmons Interviewed by Rockport Pilot

An interview with Allen Simmons, co-author of The Resilient Earth, appears in the latest edition of the Rockport Pilot. Quoting Simmons, “We are not challenging weekly weather models, nor those which predict the paths of hurricanes. We are challenging computer models which predict Earth's temperature 100 years in the future. So the main purpose of the book was to uncover the who, how and why these long-range predictions of Earth's temperature were being made.”

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