California Greens Oppose Transmission Line for Solar & Geo Power

The Sunrise Powerlink is a proposed power transmission line that would wind its way 150 miles, from Imperial County east of San Diego, through Anza-Borrego State Park, and down into San Diego. Proposed by San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E), the line is needed to transport wind and solar energy from projects in Imperial County to San Diego. You would think that the eco-lobby would be 100% behind a transmission line dedicated wholly to carrying “Save the Earth” solar and geothermal power from plants in the desert to power users in San Diego—unfortunately the green lobby doesn't agree.

Sweden Reverses Course on Nuclear Power

In a victory for Nordic pragmatism, the Swedish government agreed to scrap a three-decade ban on building new nuclear reactors, citing the need to avoid producing more greenhouse gases. Sweden is a leader in renewable energy but has struggled to develop sufficient alternate energy sources, like hydro and wind, to meet growing demand.

Wind Turbines Spread While Bats Take Beating

Enthusiasm for renewable energy means wind turbines are appearing everywhere. The big problem with wind turbines has been that they’re dangerous to birds. But researchers have found that they actually kill more bats, and the reason why has been a mystery–until now. As wind farms pursue a policy of replacing many smaller turbines with fewer larger ones two new reports indicates that bats are endangered by the swinging turbine blades.

New Year's Climate Cornucopia

Here are some interesting climate related tidbits from the science news feeds; food for thought in the new year. First, researchers at the University of Oregon have discovered evidence linking the disappearance of North American megafauna, the Clovis people and the onset of the Younger Dryas period to a comet impact. For years scientists have blamed the disappearance of the American Mammoth, Mastodon, saber toothed cats and other large land animals on human predation or climate change.

Arkansas Boldly Looks To The Past

While the state of Arkansas likes to promote itself as a forward looking part of the US that welcomes high-tech and green industry it recently took a giant step into the past with regard to energy policy. Despite public outcry, on November 5, Arkansas environmental regulators issued an air permit to allow a unit of American Electric Power to begin construction of the 600 megawatt John W. Turk Jr. coal-fired plant.

Plugging In To Hybrid Happiness

Despite the fact that gas prices have taken a precipitous fall to around the $2 per gallon level the moribund US auto industry is working hard to retool for a greener, more energy efficient hybrid future. Leading the parade is the recently revealed Chevy Volt from GM, now sporting what is rumored to be production bodywork. General Motors, the company once accused of killing the electric car, is now in the forefront of the plug-in hybrid revolution. And yes, revolution is not too strong a word for the effect that plug-in strong hybrids will have on the energy landscape of America and other developed countries.

Ice Sheets, Water & Hot Air

There have been a number of near hysterical reports that the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets are melting much faster than anticipated. This has been trumpeted as prima facia evidence that Global Warming is accelerating and we will soon see marked increases in sea levels world wide. The surging glaciers from both the Greenland and West Antarctic ice sheets have alarmed scientists, eco-advocates and the news media alike. However, two new studies point to random, wind-induced circulation changes in the ocean—not global warming—as the primary cause of the recent glacial ice losses.

Cow Farts & Kangaroos

Ross Garnaut, an adviser to the Australian government on climate change matters, is asking people to give up their beef and lamb-based meals and shift to kangaroo meat if they want to help save the planet. According to a new study by the University of New South Wales economist, farming kangaroos instead of sheep or cattle could lower national greenhouse gases in Australia by 3 percent a year. The belching and farting of millions of farm animals is a major contributor to Australia's greenhouse gas emissions, Professor Garnaut noted in his report to the government. Methane from the foregut of cattle and sheep constitutes 11 percent of Australia's total greenhouse emissions, but kangaroos produce negligible amounts of methane.

Hydrogen Hooey

Every now and then you see a statement like “a great future source of energy is hydrogen.” Such statements are lies—hydrogen is only an energy carrier or transfer media and not a substance capable of providing new energy. Hydrogen will never be a source of new energy here on Earth until we figure out how to make nuclear fusion work. This is because chemical uses of hydrogen, be it fuel cells or internal combustion (IC) engines, only work if you start out with free hydrogen: H2 .

Generating Power Is Easy, Moving It Is Not

Investors spent $320 million to build the Maple Ridge Wind farm, comprising 195 Vesta wind turbans each generating a maximum of 1.65 MW of electricity. Collectively, the turbines are capable of producing a maximum of 320 MW, which accounted for three quarters of the wind power capacity of New York when it became operational in 2006. The Maple Ridge Wind Farm, located in upstate New York, is a 50/50 joint effort of PPM Energy and Horizon Wind Energy. These companies are not philanthropies; they expect to get paid for producing electricity.

Nancy Pelosi Gets $250k For Being Green

This article came from moneyrunner on The Virginian blog site. It was too good to pass up. Here is every word. Enjoy the exposure of another two-faced pol.

Nancy Pelosi Pimps Her Book While Country Suffers

She still doesn't get it. Bush issues an Executive Order to remove the ban on off shore drilling and oil drops $40 a barrel and gasoline drops 40 cents a gallon. Her argument is that oil companies have plenty of off shore leases but haven't drilled. Hey Nancy, are you that stupid, or is it just an act. If there was oil under those leases you best believe oil companies would be drilling. There is a thing called "technology" in the oil patch. Guys have something called "instruments" that tells them where the reservoir might be. Get it? Can you put that together?

Hope for a Brighter Future

Lest you think that this site is all doom and gloom, concerned only with debunking eco-naysayers and energy illiterate politicians, this post contains some items of good news. As mentioned elsewhere on this site, Texas oilman T. Boone Pickens has kicked off a gigantic wind power project in the Texas panhandle, accompanied by a number of high-impact TV ads that seem to be aimed at moving the US Congress off its duff.

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