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Unscientific Fringe Drivel

Every so often we get a post like this, claiming that some truly well accepted tenent of science is not correct so global warming is a fraud. While I might agree that anthropogenic global warming, as posited by the IPCC and its ilk, is a fraud, or at least bad science, I do not condone the type of unscientific fringe drivel represented by the comment above. I have stated many times before the the greenhouse effect, no matter how inaccurately named, is a proven physical phenomenon. Without it, Earth would be a lifeless, frozen rock.

I take issue with the global warming crowd on the impact that the current and projected increases in atmospheric CO2 will have on temperature change. The IPCC cannot realize their projected increases without the existence of a number of unproven feedbacks in the Earth system. In short, I do not find their case compelling. But this does not mean that greenhouse gases do not help warm our planet. I am a scientist and a skeptic, not a zealot or denier. The assertions made above are in the same league as the zero-point energy wackos, flat-earthers and intelligent design fanatics. Such remarks take the conversation out of the realm of science and into the mindless Internet wingnut zone.


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