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Earth's core heat

Just how do these models factor in the Earth's core heat? I have been told that the temperature is in the neighborhood of 5,500 of degrees C that at about 12 kilometers the temperature is about 200 degrees C, and that at 4 kilometers (the TauTona Mine) the temperature is over 30 degrees C. There really is not that much insulation. In northern Vermont (10 miles from Canada) we had a water line from a spring head that ran over 1500 feet at a depth of less than 3 feet and NEVER froze up in the winter! Any mechanical engineer will tell you the surface of the earth has to be approximately the same temperature as the surrounding air - thus it is giving off heat to the air/water.

Supposedly the thickness of the Earth's crust, floating on this massive ball of molten rock and metal, would be less than the thickness of an egg shell if the Earth were reduced to that size. Well where does this heat go? It has to radiate outward and must be warming the earth. Place a few ounces of molten solder in a Styrofoam (or one that will take the heat) cup and see if you can pick it up. Additionally, there are numerous vents on the floor of the ocean (many, many more than on dry land), especially along the ridge line at the center of the oceans, spewing massive (and I mean humongous) amounts of water heated to 350-400 degrees C. That is quite a bit of thermal energy being dumped into the ocean. And scientists didn't even realize they were there when all of this AGW hype started. How do the factor in all of this heating that bypasses any insulating properties of the crust? How have the geologists taken into account these phenomenon into the actions that caused the end of the ice age?

Having lived on a farm I know that it only takes a very small amount of warm water from a spring under a lake to prevent the formation of ice on the top of the lake - with very low air temperatures. And, if there is no spring, then all it takes is a small air pump, like you would use in a larger home aquarium, to keep a water opening on the lake. Could the weight of the ice on the contents caused the formation of more hydrothermal vents which in turn caused the end of the ice age?

Surely you have been under a "radiant heater" at a loading dock or in a service garage. The air temperature can be well below zero, but you feel perfectly warm in shirt sleeves, no coat needed. The radiant heat is not heating the air it is heating the solid objects. So what is all of this bunk about the IR capture of CO2 multiplying the heating effect? In my mind it would block the IR heating effect, like the filters you place on the thermal guard windows, not enhance it. I think some models need remodeled.


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