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Stratosphere Data Wrong

You are so right! Anyone that can't see that government agency's are going down the tubes are slow at best. We as a nation, accualy the entire world needs too come together on science. Its not just about bad data! In the long run if we neglect science like this we will doom our own species. We are fast approaching the time where survival of humanity will depend on wether we can spread to other stars. If we cant get an understanding of our own atmosphere/planet that will not happen. The sad thing is there is so much wasted talent....I sit here in front of my computer knowing much more then many people my age about science even when they have rich parents that sent them to well known university's yet because I am poor I have no chance to contribute. I would love to be a scientist working on a project to help humanity but the bloated government shuns me. When will it stop? When will people like me have the chance to be heard by the masses?


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