Another Little Ice Age Re-Discovered

In the year 536 AD the sun dimmed, and the gloom lasted for more than an entire year. There were frosts and snows in the middle of summer and observers reported that winter never really ended. The sudden shift in climate lead to famine, plague and the fall of empires. What was worse, that year was only the beginning of a shift in climate that brought misery to the entire Northern Hemisphere for more than a century. Yet this well documented period of global cooling was smoothed away by climate change alarmists in works of fabricated data like the infamous “hockey stick” tree ring history. A new analysis has rediscovered this dark period in recent human history, fittingly made possible by new tree-ring measurements from the Altai mountains in Russia. The results help complete a climatological history stretching back 2,500 years. Climate history is a pesky thing, it just won't go away and can't be changed to fit some scientists pet theories.

Most people have heard of the Little Ice Age, the prolonged period of cold weather that afflicted the world for centuries and didn't end until just prior to the American Civil War. Many scientists have been speculating that the marked lack of solar activity may indicate the start of a new period of global cooling. Interestingly, this period that preceded the Medieval Warm Period has been all but ignored by the more vocal proponents of global warming, many publishing charts that show no sign of this dramatic and desperate time in human history. Feats of climatic legerdemain not withstanding, scientists have documented this period before, starting with ice core data.

As can be seen in the temperature plot above, both the Little Ice Age and Late Antique Little Ice Age are clearly visible. Of course these data were taken from an ice core from the Greenland ice sheet and that doesn't mean that temperatures plummeted around the world at this time. That is where the new study by Ulf Büntgen, of the Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL, and colleagues comes in. Entitled “Cooling and societal change during the Late Antique Little Ice Age from 536 to around 660 AD,” their research helps confirm what others have reported, including eye witnesses to those dire days.

The sun began to be darkened by day and the moon by night, while the ocean was tumultuous with spray from the 24th of March in this year till the 24th of June in the following year… And, as the winter was a severe one, so much so that from the large and unwonted quantity of snow the birds perished… there was distress… among men… from the evil things.

The above was recorded by Byzantine historian Procopius of Caesarea, while traveling in Italy around 536 AD. But Italy was not the only land feeling the freeze. From Italy to Ireland, from China to Central America, the year 536 was the beginning of a century-long cold period that spelled misery for most of mankind. How bad was it? The lead author put it this way: “This was the most dramatic cooling in the Northern Hemisphere in the past 2,000 years.”

Büntgen et al. were reportedly struck by the 6th century cold period, claiming it exhibited even lower temperatures, longer duration, and a larger area impact than the temperature decline during the Little Ice Age. Here is how they described their work and findings in the paper's abstract:

Climatic changes during the first half of the Common Era have been suggested to play a role in societal reorganizations in Europe and Asia. In particular, the sixth century coincides with rising and falling civilizations, pandemics, human migration and political turmoil. Our understanding of the magnitude and spatial extent as well as the possible causes and concurrences of climate change during this period is, however, still limited. Here we use tree-ring chronologies from the Russian Altai and European Alps to reconstruct summer temperatures over the past two millennia. We find an unprecedented, long-lasting and spatially synchronized cooling following a cluster of large volcanic eruptions in 536, 540 and 547 AD, which was probably sustained by ocean and sea-ice feedbacks, as well as a solar minimum. We thus identify the interval from 536 to about 660 AD as the Late Antique Little Ice Age. Spanning most of the Northern Hemisphere, we suggest that this cold phase be considered as an additional environmental factor contributing to the establishment of the Justinian plague transformation of the eastern Roman Empire and collapse of the Sasanian Empire movements out of the Asian steppe and Arabian Peninsula, spread of Slavic-speaking peoples, and political upheavals in China.

So basically they are attributing the onset of this sudden bout of frigid conditions to a volcanic trifecta over a period of eleven years. While this outbreak of vulcanism might have been the triggering event what is less clear is what prolonged the cold snap. Several years, even a decade or two could be chalked up to the volcanoes, but this cold period was much longer. The researchers think the eruptions may have combined with a solar minimum to extending the grip of the freezing climate for over a century. What is more certain was the impact of the global cooling. The figure below shows part of the timeline provided by the authors.

As can be seen, this was not a fun time on old planet Earth. That the results were global in nature are also quite clear. “The course temperatures took in the Altai mountains corresponds remarkably well to what we found for the Alps,” says Büntgen. Proto-Slavic-speaking people migrated into the eastern areas of modern-day Europe previously abandoned by the Romans, forming the Slavic language region.

According to the researchers, this period of cooling may also have fostered the expansion of the Arab Empire in the Middle East. The Arabian Peninsula received more precipitation, promoting vegetation growth, which may have translated into larger herds of camels. These were used by the Islamic Arab armies for their campaigns of conquest. Indeed, this isn't the first time such a linkage has been suggested. British writer David Keys wrote a book in 1999 claiming that the cooling reshaped global history, playing a part in the rise of Islam and the migration of the Mongols.

Changes could be seen in other areas as well. Hostilities broke out in the steppe regions of northern China between nomadic groups and local powers. Eventually, an alliance between these steppe nomads and the Eastern Roman Empire dismembered the Sassanian Empire in Persia, leading to its collapse. The trail of upheaval goes on and on. Was all this chaos because of climate change? Büntgen says their study serves as an example of how sudden climatological shifts can change existing political systems: “We can learn something from the speed and scale of the transformations that took place at that time.”

The take home lesson in all of this is clear—when it comes to climate change it is cooling that is dangerous, not warming. Our supposedly sweltering climate has not caused anything like the Plague of Justinian, illustrated above. Trust our ancestors when they tell us that a warming climate, as in the Roman warm period and Medieval Warm Period, is far preferable to cold, as in the Late Antique Little Ice Age and Little Ice Age. So when scientists say that human activity may be extending the current Holocene interglacial we should all jump for joy. Or better still, jump into our SUVs and take a drive. Make no mistake, a few extra degrees of warmth is a blessing and those calling for conditions to be “returned to normal” have no idea what they are asking for, no knowledge of climate history and its impact on human suffering.

Be safe, enjoy the interglacial, and stay skeptical.

Another Little Ice Age Re-Discovered

A weather event does not make a climate, but these "weather reports" put a human face on the suffering that people endure on account of weather. This is an excerpt from a chronology of such weather reports that spans close to 2000 years. The excerpt covers the interval from 536 - 538. The lesson learned is that cold kills.

536 A.D. In Northumberland England, the River Tweed overflowed. People and cattle drowned.[47, 72, 92]

537 A.D. A dearth struck Scotland and Wales.[57, 72, 91]

In the years 536 and 537 A.D., there was a persistent dry mist on the Mediterranean Sea. This caused rotten cold summers and snowy cold winters.[171]

In 537 A.D. during the period between 26 April and 24 May, a severe drought struck many regions of China. This drought was accompanied by a frost and caused a famine. Regions affected were: [153]
— Shansi (now Shanxi province) in northern China at Taiyuan, Hsin, Hsi, Chin-ch’êng, Lin-fên, and Chi.
— Shensi (now Shaanxi province) in central China at Sian.
— Kansu (now Gansu province) in northwest China at T’ien-shui.
— Honan (now Henan province) in central China at Shan.

538 A.D. The land of Italy lay uncultivated last year, hence a great famine. Such as dwelt in the region of Emilia in northern Italy left their seats and goods, and went into the region of Picenum in east-central Italy and even there no less than 50,000 died of famine. Then the starved throwing off all humanity killed and ate one another. Delicate mothers eat their tender babes. Two women killed 17 men and ate them. A woman in Milan in northern Italy ate her dead son. People kneeling down on their knees and hands to eat grass and herbs, fell down with weakness and died. Nor was there any to bury them. Others eat dogs, mice, cats and the vilest animals. The Tuscans [from Tuscany in north-central Italy] were also starved, but bread made of earthnuts was a help to them. Far greater still were the numbers of starved beyond the Ionian borders. When they had nothing to eat, they became extenuated and pale, their flesh withered away and became black. The disease spread as among great herds of cattle. Their bile was redundant, there was no juice left in their bodies. Their skin was hardened, and became dried like leather, and clave to the bones. Their livid color became black. Men looked like charcoal wood, their countenance was senseless and stern. They died everywhere, partly from hunger and partly from too great satiety. Having been burnt up within, after the natural heat was extinguished. For having been starved, if they had any opportunity to feed freely, being not able to digest their food, they died so much sooner. The famine was so great in the region of Liguria in the coastal region of northwestern Italy that many mothers ate their own dearest children. The west coast region of Campania in southern Italy also suffered. Nor did Picenum’s being a seacoast save it. In the following year, 539, the grain sprang up by themselves, without the labor of farmers and oxen. They shook in the wind because there was no one left to reap them.[72]
Source: "A Chronological Listing of Early Weather Events"
7th Edition, by James A. Marusek; pp. 52, 53

reliability of tree ring temp data:


Any lumberjack, or orchard farmer can tell you that: ‘’prosperity of a tree depends on many, many different factors’’ BUT: somebody had to intercept emails, and write a book about ‘’Climategate’’ – so: the ‘’experts’’ on the net can beat themselves in the chest, and ridicule the conspirators… it’s like; somebody just discovered the wheel for them, few years ago… (they are the best proof; why the Warmist are marching from victory to victory)

Many years before the ‘’Climategate’’ – when the first time I heard on the TV box that: -‘’experts by tree rings are discovering the variations in past global temperatures’’ I couldn’t have believed my ears…and instantly said to myself: -‘’the trees are not lying, but: dishonest people are using trees, to tell lies’’!!!

Here are only couple of examples why, (you can ad up plenty more examples):

Lets use two trees, 20 feet apart – three #1 and tree #2. O.K:

#1: farmers know that: some soils are better for ‘’wetter years’’ other soils prefer dryer years (sandy/ clay soils) -> tree #1 has more clay, than tree #2 a bit more sandy soil => tree#1 would have thicker rings in dryer year / #2 in wetter years. which means: those trees will show different thickness rings, for same years. b] tree#1 was next to indented surface, which was gradually losing in floods the topsoil, but not the #2 = different thickness rings, for same years! BUT: a branch has fallen after in that indent, and started in floods to stop mulch coming from upstream-> improved thickness of his rings for next few years, but not the other one. After 10years branch rotted, and the floodwater started digging big drainage on the spot-> tree#1 was depraved from nutrients-> next rings were almost invisible.

Then couple of birds made a nest on #1 tree. Birds collected insects and seeds on a large radius area, and shitted all over the lucky tree – shower washes the bird poo onto the roots, as the most beautiful organic fertilizer -> that tree improved, and developed bushy leafs – because of that, other birds made nests on it also-> started to develop the best thick rings for next 5 years, BUT, not the other tree, 20 yards away. Then on tree #2 the eagle made nest-> that made the other birds to disappear -> #1 tree decreased rings thickness, but #2 increased the rings thickness, because the carnivore eagle poops ‘’blood and bone fertilizer’’ the best. AND: I didn’t say anything about the tree#3, 24feet away. Because under that tree was flatter land and no fallen branches, two cows were coming under it, every day for siesta; were crapping under it, all that fertilizer was enjoyed by the lucky tree #3 –Yes in climatology everything is bullshit, except the cowshit – cowshit is definitely not bullshit, but the best organic fertilizer! Therefore: for that tree, few bucketfuls of crap increased the temperature on the whole planet by 1,4C. Until one day the cow running away, slipped and braked her leg under the tree #1. After the cow died, tree #1 had the best blood and bone from it, for next 30 years. If that tree was cut for studying, would have shown as: ‘’the best rainfall, the hottest 30 years of global warming on the WHOLE , by 2,3C, just because one cow run out of luck.

We forgot about the tree #4, 25 yards away – it had a big tree next to it, which was blocking the sunlight for big part of the day b] was taking most of the nutrients and moisture from the ground, because had bigger roots, so for the tree #4 was big ”global cooling” because was making very small rings for many years… then the big tree fell down, from old age -> stopped collecting nutrients, stopped blocking the sunlight – for the tree #4 suddenly became ”global warming” started making thick rings, AND; the old tree was rotting for many years and was supplying great nutrients -> it had the best ”global warming” but not for the other trees in the neighbourhood. Which one of those four trees would you believe?

So: the trees are not lying, but: people using trees as ‘’proxy’’ are the real grand criminals, because: IF Michael Mann wants you to think that: -‘’a tree that cannot tell about the temperature on the hill in California, where was growing; how the hell can tell about Africa, Siberia, China, Australia, south America, Antarctic AND all the waters in-between?!?! That conman is still benefiting ‘’under false pretence’’ – billions squandered for ‘’preventing the non-existent global warming’’ – because of criminals like him… BUT: when you observe Warmist V Skeptics debate about ‘’Dr. Mann’’ –as if the hardcore criminal is a prophet…!!! When the conman Mann deserve longer jail sentence than Bernard Madoff – because Mann is responsible for squandering more other people’s billions, than Madoff! If Mann was a medical doctor… well, for him and similar protagonist; must be established some kind of Nurnberg model international court of justice! For everyone who deserves more than 8 lifetimes jail sentences. TREES NOT GUILTY!!! One attempting to get ”GLOBAL temperature data” from tree rings => is admission that: the character is a shameless con! Palm reading or tarot cards, or stalagmire, or tree ring reading is not science!Verdict: the conman Michael Man should shove the ”tree rings temperature data” up his own ring! Anybody ”believing” in any ”proxy data” is either a con, or a collateral damage to the aggressive / skilful propaganda… a zombie..

YOU know that: simultaneously is floods somewhere, drought other places, but conveniently they didn’t want to know. Can ”global warming” and ”global” cooling be at the same time?! What YOU don’t know is: SIMULTANEOUSLY is warmer than normal somewhere / colder than normal other places, always. Because: they emphasize where is warmer, and avoid to mention that is ”colder” than normal other places! you should know why, unless the propaganda has done a good job on you…

Their peers were not scrutinizing them – because they were creating a new profession AND those lies were bringing prestige and some cash. Those LIES were going in university and education books – when is in the books, it’s official… nobody can argue with books. (in reality, books are made from paper – paper can take everything, from genius work to crap, without objecting – reason they use paper even in the toilets…) B] in the 90’s an American historian, Pulitzer Price Winner (forgot his name) as one of the biggest original Warmist orator, was going around the planet and was saying anything, to prove to the public that: ‘’global’’ temp goes up and down as a yo-yo. Great orator, sometimes was assisted by Dr. Suzuki – he was telling about ‘’vineyards in England, Vikings on Greenland, people scatting on Thames.’’ THEN, prof. Ian Plimer adopted ALL that same crap, plus the crap accumulated for previous 150y, and published his book. His book became the Skeptic’s Bible = that was the biggest Christmas present to the Warmist. Somebody said to me: -‘’if the Skeptics didn’t exist, Warmist would have invented them’’ I’m proving that: ‘’the Warmist did invent the Skeptics’’ to ‘’pretend in public that they have an opponent = if is something wrong, opponents would correct?! As a ‘’Thug of war’’ – but, instead of the ‘’Skeptics’’ pulling the rope, they are pushing it, and are ahead of the Warmist by truckloads of phony ‘’global’’ warmings. (Warmist say: ”90% possibility of global warming in 100y” -most Skeptics expect another seven global warmings from now to 2100 – nothing skeptical about them). Phony global warmings are pouring out of the ‘’Skeptic’s’’ ears and out of their asses. They are stewing in Plimer’s dysentery… The only harm they can do to the Warmist is, Warmist can get hernia, from too much laughter, they can also get hernia from carrying all those billions of $$ looted from the Urban Sheep. All ”proxy data” collected from the past and used as ”global” temp record; IS THE GRANDMOTHER OF ALL LIES!!!

After reading out these posts

After reading out these posts it gives the feel as the movies which are made related to these are true. It makes little afraid and tensed. Anyway hope to be good.

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i love russian mountains!

i love russian mountains!