Atlantic Woman eBook Published

Resilient Earth Press is proud to announce the publication of Allen Simmons' latest thriller, Atlantic Woman. Follow the adventures of Kate Lockhart as an archeological mystery leads to murder and mayhem in her own home town. Set among the wind swept cliffs and coves of southeastern Massachusetts, Atlantic Woman serves up plenty of thrills and chills as science, politics and upper-class intrigues collide.

Here is the author's description of the plot:

Her name is Kate Lockhart. She’s an archeologist by profession and heiress by birth. She comes home to southeast Massachusetts to collect her $20 million inheritance. Her third day there, while poking around Gay Head, she makes a discovery—ancient bones and artifacts—that could change U.S. history or even the chronicle of all the Americas. Unfortunately, her discovery is on Indian land, making the artifacts sacred remains protected by Federal law. She doesn’t know a man, part Indian, full time psycho, hidden from her view, makes a movie of her taking bones and artifacts from Indian land. She hires an attorney to protect her find and learns her older and only brother, William, named trustee of her inheritance, has stolen her entire bequest. Her brother faces prison for stealing his sister’s money. The movie making Indian is wanted by the police for rape, arson, larceny and a long sheet of crimes. Kate’s lawyer Jack Duncan, owner of a huge yacht and a private plane is a mystery to all, but passion blooms with his unique client. The story is told through the eyes of these four people. It reveals their tendencies to be good, or nasty; similar to New England weather, as they advance the story with hurricane force.

Atlantic Woman is now available in Kindle eBook format on You can check out all of the books by Allen Simmons and other authors at the Resilient Earth Press.


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