Chilling Stars Author Henrik Svensmark On Video

In a five-part video series featuring Danish scientist Henrik Svensmark, the author of The Chilling Stars talks about his research into the effects that cosmic rays have on cloud formation. His theories contradict the IPCC’s theory of anthropogenic global warming, which basically blames last century's rise in average global temperature on human CO2 emissions. As many good scientists outside of the inbred climate change community have noticed, carbon dioxide just isn't up to the job of causing last century's observed global temperature rise. Instead, Svensmark and his colleagues hypothesize that clouds created by cosmic rays, which are in part controlled by the activity of the sun, regulate Earth's climate. Because this contradicts the IPCC's view of global warming, Svensmark's theory has been ignored by the climate alarmists and Svensmark himself vilified.

We have previously written about how two computer modelers from CMU wrote a computer program to simulate the interaction of cosmic rays with Earth's atmosphere. Because their model failed to predict significant increases in cloud cover, global warming activists claimed the theory linking cosmic rays to climate change was discredited. As stated in our article “Attempt To Discredit Cosmic Ray-Climate Link Using Computer Model,” a computer model can not provide empirical proof for or against any scientific theory. As reported, preliminary experimental verification of Svensmark's theory was provided by the SKY Experiment, and now CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research in Geneva, has decided to conduct more comprehensive verification in the CLOUD Project.

According to Svensmark: “Instead of thinking of clouds as a result of the climate, it’s actually showing that the climate is a result of the clouds, because the clouds take their orders from the stars.” He has released a new paper, "Cosmic Ray Decreases Affect Atmospheric Aerosols and Clouds," to be published in Geophysical Research Letters, detailing the most recent results from his continuing study of a possible link between cosmic rays, aerosols, cloud formation, and our climate, which concludes:

Our results show global-scale evidence of conspicuous influences of solar variability on cloudiness and aerosols. Irrespective of the detailed mechanism, the loss of ions from the air during FDs reduces the cloud liquid water content over the oceans. So marked is the response to relatively small variations in the total ionization, we suspect that a large fraction of Earth’s clouds could be controlled by ionization. Future work should estimate how large a volume of the Earth’s atmosphere is involved in the ion process that leads to the changes seen in CCN and its importance for the Earth’s radiation budget. From solar activity to cosmic ray ionization to aerosols and liquid-water clouds, a causal chain appears to operate on a global scale.

Below are five short (~10 minutes each) You Tube videos of Dr. Svensmark talking about his research, his theories and the struggle he has had getting his researched published. Several of his collaborators also appear including Nir Shaviv, an astrophysicist at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. We examined the work of both of these scientists in Chapter 11 of The Resilient Earth. It is really worth the time to watch them all.

Thanks to our friends at Al Gore Lied for finding these videos and bringing them to our attention.

Elephant in the room

Has anyone visited the COP15 WEB site recently?

A major conference in Denmark and not a single mention of this ground breaking science by a Danish scientist anywhere. Conspicuous by its absence would be an understatement. Sadly, I doubt leaving such thoughts here is likely to have the slightest effect :-(.

Chilling Stars

You guys running this blog site are the brilliant stars. I have read your book The Resilient Earth and I got the message there, and you hammer it home here. Science is a struggle! Science is what Henrik Svensmark and his crew are all about. They have a theory about cosmic rays effecting clouds and how clouds affect our climate. They will either prove their theory with verifiable data and peer review, or they will not; that is nature's call. But beyond the normal struggle of true science, there lurks an old enemy, a belief system. Centuries ago it was the church, today it is just as insidious, it is called politics. Once politics invades our science, there looms a dark age for not only scientists like Svensmark, but for scientists in the USA. This fact came out in videos presented here and in the scientific descoveries you presented in The Resilient Earth. Stay on this message. Nature will dictate the future of Earth. It is our job as scientists to understand what that is.

The of importance of being Eugene.

The forward in The Chilling Stars is written by Eugene Parker and he has a recurring presence offering support to Svensmark in The Climate Mystery documentary. It was also Parker who prompted Jack Eddy into the investigations that lead Eddy's discovery of the Maunder minimum, and Parker of course developed the theory of solar wind. A great scientist.

Eddy knew the importance of words hence his alliterative Maunder Minimum, and I wonder if the way our brains are 'wired' by our native language effects our thought processes. I mention this because in Svensmark's mother tongue, Danish, the word for cloud is "sky".

"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the clouds" perhaps.