Climate Fool's Day 2010 - October 27th

The 2nd anniversary of “Climate Fools Day” is almost upon us and it is starting to attract the attention of UK MP's. This year's Climate Fools Day Rally will be held Wednesday, October 27th 2PM at Parliament and we encourage all climate skeptics who can to attend. Our friends at Climate Realists have posted the following update on the planned festivities:

When Piers Corbyn mentioned to me recently that several MP's were going to attend the second anniversary of the “Climate Fools Day” rally held at the Houses of Parliament on the 27th October, I had to pinch myself. Two years have nearly passed since the signing of the UK “Climate Change Bill” and wow have attitudes to “deniers” changed, all of a sudden we (flatearthers, and anything else the misinformed public want to call us) have become a group of people politicians want to take more seriously.

There has been a lot of talk in the UK about public spending “cuts” recently , and we could now be part of a review that could save billions if not trillions world wide. But first things first, we hope the MP's who attend the "Climate Fools Day" meeting come away with some basic scientific facts about “Man Made” climate change and spread the news through their various constituencies that the sky is not, and never has been, falling!

This will mean that MP's rather then having a strategy of trying to win votes by saving mankind from certain death by co2, can now can go out and win votes about what they can save on “green" tax” outlined below by Christopher Booker, who will ALSO be attending the meeting.

For more information on “Climate Fools Day” see comments from Piers on, more to follow very soon and note, there are still some seats available, contact Piers direct for more information.

Click the following link to read Spending review: The 'cuts' that mean public spending soars, by Christopher Booker.