Crank of the Week - March 9, 2009 - Prince Charles

Bugger the poor, worry about Global Warming says England's Prince Charles. Speaking at a dinner hosted by Chilean President Michelle Bachelet, Charles gave his views on global warming and the troubled world economy. “How can we begin to address poverty if we haven't first ensured our planet is habitable?” said the Prince, proving that he has a true nobleman's outlook—valuing the land over the peasants who live on it.

The Prince told 300 guests, drawn from the world of politics, business and the arts, that Chile was witnessing “the terrifying effects of global warming, including the shrinking of nearly 90 per cent of your glaciers.” he continued at length:

“Ladies and gentlemen, in the light of such evidence, and so much more from across the globe, I find it incomprehensible that there are those who doubt the science of climate change... If we do nothing, the consequences for every person on this earth will be severe and unprecedented - with vast numbers of environmental refugees, social instability and decimated economies: far worse than anything which we are seeing today.”

The Prince and the Duchess of Cornwall are traveling around South America on the “Less than 100 months to act” tour. The comment will form part of a speech, to be made to business leaders in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, this week. A long time climate change alarmist, Charles has given a series of addresses over the past 12 months highlighting his concerns about climate change and its threat to the environment. It is hoped the high visibility junket will help to put the environment at the top of the political agenda ahead of the meeting of G20 leaders in London next month.

Climate change "is one of the U.K. government's highest foreign policy priorities in 2009," the British embassy in Brazil said in a statement announcing Prince Charles's visit. Senior sources have revealed that Gordon Brown's Government wants to make more use of Prince Charles's experience, expertise and contacts, on the foreign stage, particularly on climate change issues. Others speculate that they just wanted to get him out of the country for a spell.

Gaia looks on as the Prince pontificates.

During the ten day tour, environmental themes will play an important part and will see the Prince either attend or host a number of events. The royal couple will attend a reception aboard a navy frigate recently acquired by Britain in the port of Valparaiso, 120 km west of Santiago, and visit a biofuels plant and a vineyard to speak with a group of organic producers and farmers (evidently Charles has a thing for organically grown wine).

Intended to encourage various groups, from young people to business leaders, to tackle the issue of climate change, Charles will speak at a number of venues. The prince's speech on climate change and tropical deforestation issues, to be givin in Rio de Janeiro on Thursday, is being billed as his keynote presentation. Even though the world is experiencing an economic slowdown, the Prince will tell those in attendance that we must not lose sight of the importance of continuing to combat global warming and protecting the environment.

Is that a non-polluting electric airplane, your Highness?

While in Brazil, the Prince and Duchess will visit the Amazon, the world's largest rainforest, to visit a tribe of natives. They also intend to make a side trip to visit the Galapagos islands, made famous by the work of English naturalist Charles Darwin. I wonder how much CO2 the Prince's party is going to emit on this little jaunt? Seems that the Prince talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk. Like most green celebrities he wants us to do as he says not as he does. So this week, a big hypocritical Crank of the Week for Prince Charles.

Prince Charles to tour Europe to fight climate change

Fresh from a successful, eco-awareness raising trip to Japan, Prince Charles announced that he would tour Europe to help fight that daemon, global warming. The Prince said that urgent action is needed to fight climate change and has previously likened the struggle against global warming to Britain's battle against Nazi Germany in World War II.

Acutely sensitive to criticism of his own carbon footprint, his royal greenness has increasingly used his publicity to highlight environmental problems. He has made efforts to cut his overall annual carbon dioxide production, including converting his 38-year old Aston Martin to run on ethanol from surplus wine, while his Jaguars, Audi and Range Rover now take biodiesel made from used cooking oil.

Unfortunately, the leased private airplane to be used on the coming tour will reportedly raise HRH's carbon footprint significantly. According to experts from the Carbon Managers company, which carries out environmental audits, the aircraft's four European flights over 2,200 miles will leave a carbon footprint of 52.95 tons - nearly five times the average person's 11-ton footprint for an entire year. At least those feet of clay are environmentally neutral, Chuck.

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