Damn You, Global Warming!

Despite warnings to the contrary, and waning public support, the all purpose boogieman climate change is once again getting credit for the recent spate of natural disasters in the US. Whether its flooding on the Mississippi, rain soaked fields too wet to plant, or rampaging tornadoes laying waste to whole towns the villain behind our misfortune is anthropogenic global warming. Reports from the scenes of devastation are sure to include at least one reference to climate change, which is of course caused by people. In essence, the yammering news media—who always needs a culprit to blame when disaster befalls a group of innocents—has placed the blame squarely back on humanity. That's right, we are responsible for the tragic deaths of hundreds of people caused by storm, flood and tornadoes. The chattering class once again demonstrates that they have bought the IPCC climate change scam: hook, line and sinker. They would rather mindlessly repeat the discredited memes of climate alarmists than think critically themselves.

The latest round of blaming bad weather on climate change began in mid-winter. Last summer in the Southern Hemisphere brought heavy rains and flooding in many places and bitter winter weather across the Northern Hemisphere. Report after report of unusually heavy snow falls and unusually cold temperatures were accompanied by a steady stream of talking heads and erstwhile experts trying to convince the public that the cold weather was being caused by global warming. Go back more than two or three years and look for predictions that global warming will cause colder winters. In 2007, when abnormally warm winter weather was occurring in Western Europe, the talk was “see, we told you! It's global warming!” When things began to turn cold the warmists veered uncomfortably close to the truth by stating that warm or cold weather was not proof of climate change.

After several years with cold nasty winters, the alarmists have reversed their field. Now, the cold weather during the past winter, and the unseasonable cool, wet spring here in the US, is a side effect of human caused global warming. Even the disgraced prophet of climate doom, Al Gore, has emerged from his burrow to proclaim: “A rise in global temperature can create all sorts of havoc, ranging from hotter dry spells to colder winters, along with increasingly violent storms, flooding, forest fires and loss of endangered species.”

Now we are being told that the record flood of the Mississippi River was caused by global warming. Never mind that the river rises every year, and it is only the extensive system of dikes and levies that keeps those who live near old man river dry. Or that by restricting the flow of the river, forcing it to remain within a comparatively narrow channel, amplifies the flood level, to the point that when a wet spring does occur and the levies overflow, people who have never experienced flooding get a very rude surprise. Old timers still remember when the Mississippi flooded in 1927, its width exceeding 100 miles in places. Just because some event has not happened in the last 50 or 100 or even 500 years does not mean it isn't natural. Most natural cycles happen on time scales longer than human lifetimes and human memories are notably fallible over shorter spans.

Floods are nothing new on the Mississippi, this was in 1993.

Those who read the last IPCC report, AR4, might recall one of the predicted outcomes was to be increased desertification. With the soggy spring of 2011, that prediction seems, well, all wet. Naturally, the climate change crowd says the wetter weather is caused by global warming as well. Even when they get the proximate causes correct—the El Niño–Southern Oscillation (ENSO) and the Pacific Decadal Oscillation—there is always that evil global warming lurking in the background, calling the shots. The IPCC party line answer is that climate change makes it wetter where it's getting wetter and dryer where it's getting dryer.

Most recently the American South and Mid-west has had one of its worst tornado seasons on record. One monster tornado leveled much of Joplin, Missouri, on May , causing at least 122 deaths. The massive twister that leveled 30 percent of the town has been rated an EF5 by the National Weather Service and is being called the deadliest single tornado since 1950. Tornadoes have also ravaged Oklahoma, Kansas, and Arkansas killing people in all three states.

Is this the work of that daemon global warming? My own local news cast a few nights ago ended with the ominous statement “this is only going to get worse as the climate warms.” Thank you, airhead local news dweeb. Even when an otherwise authoratative source actually gets the facts right they still cannot resist tossing in the scary climate change monster to spice up their report. Case in point: consider this article in MIT's online Technology Review. Here is the article's lead paragraph:

Tornadoes have killed more people this year than they have since 1953. This has some wondering whether higher global temperatures might be contributing. The answer: there isn't a statistical correlation between the number of tornadoes and rising temperatures. Yet scientists predict that climate change will bring increasingly harsh weather, and that's got some commentators wondering whether this year's tornadoes, record floods, and droughts, might be connected.

There is no statistical correlation, but yet... what school did the author go to again? This mixing of fact with fiction, science with nonsense, empirical observation with urban legend is typical. Even those who should know better give in to temptation and blame the monsters in the closet or under the bed for every bump in the night. Weather is defined as “the state of the atmosphere at a given time and place, with respect to variables such as temperature, moisture, wind velocity, and barometric pressure.” Bottom line: when it comes to weather something is always changing—that's what makes it weather!

A tornado in Alabama, April 2011.

All the world's eco-activists and treehuggers—so quick to blame humanity for everything bad that happens—have made common cause with the climate change alarmists. Anthropogenic global warming has become the root of all evil, the cause of every catastrophe. Like all good conspiracy theories, global warming can explain every bad event no matter how contradictory or implausible. And like all good conspiracy theorists, nothing can shake the climate alarmists' beliefs. As tragic as the effects of this spring's violent weather have been, we need to remember that all of Earth's creatures, including humans, live here at the sufferance of nature. Instead of yelling “damn you global warming,” climate alamists need to recognize that natural disasters are just that—natural.

Be safe, enjoy the interglacial and stay skeptical.

MIssissippi Flooding

The flooding in the MIssissippi Valley this Spring was extensive and principally caused by the environmentalists! Surprise! It's their fault.

They have been after the Army Core of Engineers for years to hold back water from the winter melt in order to then cause mild flooding in the Spring, supposedly returning the river to a natural annual flood condition. However, this Spring they withheld water in the face of a huge melt; ta da! We have a huge flood because the dams were already full when the melt waters hit.

For years in Iowa our local reservoir would typically open the gates in the late winter, anticipating the melt water and, almost every year, the gates froze open and could not be closed for so long that, the following summer, the reservoir would be terribly low and a lousy place to enjoy a hot summer day.

Just like the terribly hot, hard-to-kill fires of recent years being caused by 40 years of fire suppression which allowed a dangerous built up of brush and low growth, the environmentalists caused the flooding by interfering with good water management.

It is time to kill the lobbying power of the environmental groups. Across the board they always do more damage than good. Years ago they managed to get a few key issues , such a clean water and clean air dealt with, but now they are causing damage and suffering. Logic and real world thinking HAS to know when to say NO to the environmentalists.

There's money in climate change...

And it's not chump change. It's trillions, once you add all the banker's fees, taxes, etc.

And, of course, the apocalyptic worldview can be expressed in many ways. Here are two not-so-disparate examples: Harold Camping, with his recent failed doomsday prediction for May 21st; and, Al Gore & Company, with one failed prediction after another to their credit. I mean, if there are 50 million climate refugees in the world, wandering the globe, searching for a spot to camp out, I haven't seen them.

And there's bigger money being a Denier

Forget the tornados being caused by global warming... who knows.

Think about all the money that can come by taking advange by being a denier. Its more than chump change that comes as a result of being a denier, its getting back door supported by big business so you can write only one side of a discussion. Group Think in America anyone?

Science isn't that way, ya gotta take both sides and weigh the facts, not just the ones that keep your mongo political website churning out more and more one sided information.
We are at a nexus in the history of the world ... the way its always been vice business that way it can be, with good jobs and a healthy environment in the balance.

Get rich, deny... and give a trashy world to your grandchildren!
US Coastguardsman

So where If you truly think the Earth is all that resilient, you ought to search for oceanic "dead zones" and do a lit

You have it exactly backwards

As a well known skeptic myself (Al and I were both on the top 400 global warming enemies/skeptics list), I have met a number of scientists who you would pejoratively label deniers. Professional scientists who speak out against global warming theory, as presented by the IPCC and their ilk, have not gotten rich. Far from it, they have been ostracized and shunned by the climate change clique and their careers adversely impacted for speaking what they see as the truth. There are no Al Gores in the skeptics camp, growing rich by pandering to the predilections of transnational progressive fools.

Group think? That would be the anthropogenic global warming booster club consisting of scientist bureaucrats, politicians, media shills and all those who find it easier to repeat the climate change horror story than think critically for themselves. Care about the environment? Read the articles on this blog before mouthing off. Better yet, get a copy of The Resilient Earth.

As for the ocean dead zones and the resilience of the Earth system, the dead zones are caused primarily by agricultural runoff. The result is excess nitrogen, leading to algal blooms and anoxic conditions which kill higher marine life. If the runoff was halted the dead zones would soon disappear—witness the rapid recovery of the Gulf fisheries following the “irreversible” damage from the BP oil spill. In the distant past, Earth has had periods where the entire ocean has suffered from anoxic conditions, naturally caused (no humans around to blame it on). And the oceans have always bounced back. Yes, nature and Earth are incredibly resilient.

You just have to accept that nature doesn't give a rat's ass about individuals or even whole species. That includes both your grandchildren and mine. Once you get over that mental hangup you will see that nothing humans can do to mess up the planet is permanent or irreversible. There are good, selfish reasons to take care of the environment in the short term, by cutting down on pollution and the release of chemicals. But in the long term what we do doesn't matter to nature, only to us.

Interestingly, the US could greatly reduce its runoff by simply canceling the insanely stupid ethanol fuel program. It would lower food prices as well. But there are too many agribusiness corporations and bent corn belt politicians suckling at the green government sugar teat for that to happen. Green is a racket and global warming a scam—that's where the money is. Nobody ever got rich telling people the truth.

salt for the wound?


CORDOVA -- Danny Banks lives in a gray and green tent on the spot where his single-wide trailer sat before it was destroyed in the April 27 tornado that pummeled this Walker County community. Banks, 50, plans to continue living in the tent in his Disney Lake community because he says he has no alternatives. A city ordinance bans single-wide trailers such as the ones supplied by the Federal Emergency Management Agency

Cordova Mayor Jack Scott said he knows tornado survivors need a place to live, but the city is enforcing the zoning ordinance that he said was passed in 1957. He acknowledged that the ordinance was not enforced in the past.

so.. a rule in place since 1957, that they acknowledge isnt enforced, is now suddenly enforced to prevent those most in need.

WOW.. the sheer "awesomeness" of humanities ability to ensure further suffering.

Partly cloudy with areas of local stupidity

Now that is truly weapons grade stupidity. People in need and the mayor just shrugs and says “it's not me, it's the ordinance.” There are a lot of intellectually challenged people in the world and unfortunately many of them are in local government. Sadly, most people don't bother with local elections. Voting doesn't ensure you won't get a bureaucratic wanker like this guy, but it does give the people a way of getting rid of obvious mistakes after the fact.

Unfortunate overgeneralization.

"All the world's eco-activists and treehuggers—so quick to blame humanity for everything bad that happens—have made common cause with the climate change alarmists."

This excellent article is fatally marred by the above baseless and pejorative statement.

I am an "eco-activist and tree-hugger" and I do not blame humanity for everything bad that happens, nor do I make common cause with climate change alarmists.

Therefore the above statement is demonstrably false, changing an otherwise worthy article into an irrational rant.

Stick to the subject at hand and avoid tossing around these meaningless accusations.

Unfortunate Overgen

Heh... you say
"I am an "eco-activist and tree-hugger" and I do not blame humanity for everything bad that happens, nor do I make common cause with climate change alarmists."

But yet the whole point of your response is to leave the impression that "Yes indeed, all of these bad happenings recently are the result of man-made global warming/climate change". This is sort of like Obama proclaiming to be all for domestic oil exploration and development but yet having the EPA nix anything that comes down the pipe. Actions speak much loader than words.

Proving the rule

That just makes you the exception that proves the rule.

Bastardi replies

Everyone's favourite meteorologist, Joe Bastardi, said on Cavuto this afternoon that “They own every answer. It could snow cheese in New York tomorrow morning and that would be from global warming.” Amen, brother.

And why did they pick 1950?

Why not 1986 - 255 killed by a single tornado,
Why not 1840 - 317 killed by a single tornado,
Or 1925, the infamous Tri State Tornado which killed 695.

I guess they also learn how to hide facts at MIT.

Why did they pick 1950?

Lazy news parasites need no justification for taking the easiest way with the "facts".