The Energy Gap Now Available On Kindle

The Resilient Earth Press would like to announce that The Energy Gap is now available as an eBook on the Amazon Kindle. This successor to The Resilient Earth is more timely than ever given the raging debate over fracking, green energy, nuclear power and energy independence. Filled with with historical insights and loaded with technical details regarding all the world's major energy sources, this entertaining reference book should be on every energy wonk's book reader. The conversion problems from the original print book that hindered eBook publication in the past have finally been overcome and the new eBook is now for sale on Amazon. Kindle Books include wireless delivery—you can be reading The Energy Gap on your Kindle within a minute of placing your order. Books are delivered wirelessly in less than 60 second—no PC required—and the latest version of Kindle has 3G wireless coverage in over 100 countries.

Humans have a trait that distinguishes us from all other species: the ability to use fire. We turn on a switch and light comes into our homes. With the turn of a key, vehicles take us where we want to go. We adjust a thermostat in our homes to make us warm or cool. These are everyday events we hardly think about. It took centuries of vision, science and engineering to achieve this comfort-point in our long evolutionary journey. Today, an average person lives better than kings lived several centuries ago. As we revealed the facts behind global warming in our first book, The Resilient Earth, we take the same tack in out latest work, The Energy Gap. In its pages, we present the hard science and engineering that will close a looming energy gap for our country and the world. There is also a warning. If we chose the political route, the activist route, the human race will slide backwards for the first time since the Industrial Revolution. If we choose the correct path, as revealed in The Energy Gap, our species will continue its forward march towards a brighter future for all on Earth

The eBook version of The Energy Gap contains the complete text and all the illustrations of the paperback version. This is not just a book about current energy policy, it is a book about the amazing discoveries and inventions people have made while building our global, high-tech world. You will find interesting facts and historical tidbits such as:

  • Cooking, made possible by the mastery of fire, helped make us human.
  • The Chinese used bamboo to construct gas pipelines thousands of years ago.
  • The true meaning of the term SCRAM.
  • The first electric hybrid car was designed by Porsche, in 1901.
  • Wind power is deadlier than nuclear power, and solar is even worse.
  • The United States is the world's largest producer of geothermal energy.
  • Energy savings from "smart grid" technology are less than changing to compact fluorescent light bulbs.
  • There are new nuclear reactors that do not run on uranium or plutonium.
  • Environmentalists are blocking the use of solar and wind power.

Written for a general readership audience, TEG contains many diagrams, charts and pictures, and a wealth of information. In it, all forms of energy are examined, including fossil fuels, nuclear, and alternative energy. Download your copy today. The book is also available as a trade paperback (6x9) of 400 pages, with 201 illustrations and more than 180 references.

Table of contents formating

Some of you have noted that the table of contents in the eBook version of The Energy Gap is a bit mangled. Yes, we know. The formatting of the kindle book was done automatically by Create Space, the print on demand provider that supplies the paper version. Some of the tabular data is not as well formatted as we would like either. Previous attempts at conversion were total disasters and when this try worked, with a few minor exceptions, we decided to publish it. The important thing is that the entire text is there, the illustrations are in the right positions and they are legible. In other words, it is a readable, usable ebook. In recognition of the imperfections the sale price is $2 less than The Resilient Earth kindle edition. If OpenOffice/LibreOffice want to do humankind a true service they will add direct output as epub/mobi to their wp program.


I've been waiting for almost two years for this to come out on kindle. It pulls together a lot of great info you can't find in any other single reference, very useful when debating know-nothing green energy types.