Fatal Trust eBook Published

The Resilient Earth Press is proud to announce publication of Fatal Trust, the latest crime thriller by Allen Simmons, as a Kindle eBook on Amazon.com. When the body of a beautiful young woman is found floating in Biscayne Bay a student and the police are launched on parallel investigations that converge on the same horrible secret—someone is killing young University coeds in hot, steamy Miami. In this latest thriller by Allen Simmons we follow the hunt for a serial rapist/murderer through the upscale yacht clubs, glitzy night spots and smarmy underside of Miami-Dade county. Homicidal drug dealers, high class hookers, purveyors of porn and crazed ex-boyfriends populate a world where glamor is only a thin veneer hiding a world of lust and sensuality.

Here is the author's short description of the plot:

The victim is a young woman with green eyes and auburn hair. Her corpse wears a red lifejacket and is set adrift in the Gulf Stream with the chance the strong current could take her all the way across the Atlantic Ocean. Miami-Dade County, 200 square miles in size, and inhabited by two and a half million people, has a serial killer in their midst. Whoever the serial killer is, there’s a pattern to the crime. The story kicks off when athletic Beth Norcross, a Miami U. student who loves to sport fish, finds victim Drew Meadows floating in the Gulf Stream. With fresh forensic evidence, Drew hasn’t been dead more than a dozen hours, Detectives Liza Angelo and Mitch Miller jump on the case and turn up a gumbo of suspects. There’s mean Clay Thatch, a beyond crazy drug dealer and ex-boyfriend of Drew Meadows. There’s Mo Finger, owner of Blue Heron, a pole dance club that would make Sodom and Gomorrah look like a Cub Scout camp. Drew Meadows danced there and wouldn’t let Mo touch her, but serviced a lot of johns, which drove Mo nuts. There’s Eddy Stone, x-boyfriend of Beth Norcross, who cannot believe Beth is gone from his life. Between sneaking around Beth, he’s racked up a felony sheet three pages long and the police want to catch him and put him in a cage. Beth Norcross befriends fellow student Mary Lou Shea. Beth comes from super wealth, Mary Lou from meager means and has been abused. Their relationship is critical to the story that moves with the speed and force of a Miami hurricane. Fatal Trust is a novel for thriller fans of all genders.

Fatal Trust is now available in Kindle eBook format on Amazon.com. You can check out all of the books by Allen Simmons and other authors at the Resilient Earth Press.