Happy New Year!

We here at The Resilient Earth wish all our readers the happiest of New Years. Hopefully 2013 will be a year without the drama of 2012. After all, the over hyped Mayan Apocalypse did not happen, nor did the Arctic ice-sheet disappear. The Arab Spring slogged on through the summer and fall and is now in the midst of a dismal, dysfunctional winter. The American presidential election finally happened, mercifully removing all the political noise from public media and allowing the populous to return ignoring the government (perhaps to their own detriment). The Euro zone continues on the edge of crisis, Asia boils beneath the surface and Africa remains an open sore. What could go wrong this year?

Did someone say "global warming?" Why yes, the IPCC is gearing up to excrete another dystopian tome on humanity's self inflicted climate catastrophe. Didn't notice the ravages of global warming amongst the real world problems of 2012? You are not alone, nobody else noticed either. Naturally, this has the climate change wonks in a serious snit. They have been pouting, stamping their feet and whining to anyone who will listen that they are being ignored (as well they should be).

We expect AR5 to be just as wrong as AR4 and all of the other preceding reports, chock full of uncertainty and worst case scenarios that will never transpire. While we cannot solve the problems of Africa, calm the shifting balance of power in Asia, fix the Euro or make America's government functional again, we can keep an eye on the environment and call shenanigans on any misinformation from the climate change cabal at the IPCC. This site will continue to report on science, climate change and energy matters as we have since 2008, bringing a rational, skeptical voice to the climate change circus.

More than that, the Resilient Earth Press will be releasing a number of new books in the coming year. Look for Fatal Trust, the new thriller from Allen Simmons in January and Peggy Sue, the second book in the T'aafhal Inheritance series by Doug L. Hoffman, soon after. Other titles are in preparation and will be announce as the year progresses.

Again, we thank you for frequenting this website and for buying our books, be they fiction or non-fiction. Have a great and prosperous 2013 and, as Dr. Hoffman always says: Be safe, enjoy the interglacial and stay skeptical.

Happy New Year Doug & Al

Happy New Year to those at The Resilient Earth! I subscribe to your rss feed and love the web site. I also read Dr. Hoffmans SF novel, Parker's Folly, during the holidays and it was great! I can't wait for the next book! Have a great year guys.