Happy New Year 2014!

All of us here at The Resilient Earth wish our readers the happiest of New Years. As you all probably know, 2013 was not the best of years for the global warming backers of the world. In the US, we have experienced the lowest number of tropical storms, tornadoes and wild fires in decades. The year past saw more record lows set than record highs and drought conditions eased in many places. While this does not disprove the global warming hypotheses, all those factors were cited by AGW proponents as outcomes of rising global temperatures. The fact that the opposite of the warmists' predictions have taken place weakens the theory and casts doubt on the whole climate change scam. Given that both North America and Europe are in the grip of frigid winter temperatures it is an AGW true believer indeed who continues to insist the world is getting hotter.

As for the Resilient Earth Press, this year saw the publication of Al Simmons' Fatal Trust and Hunting Immortality, pulse pounding thrillers available on Kindle. Doug Hoffman was also busy, publishing Peggy Sue and M'tak Ka'fek, books two and three of the T'aafhal Inheritance trilogy.

Our classic The Resilient Earth continues to sell well, marking the sixth year that it has served to educate people about the real science behind climate change. Sales of its companion volume, The Energy Gap, also remain strong.

For 2014 Both Al and Doug are busy with new writing projects. Al is writing a sequel to his award wining Mischief's Summer, following Jeff Slater and Holly Hinshaw into new intrigues and dangers. Doug is working on a new novel, Ghosts of Orion, that follows the continued adventures of the crew of the Peggy Sue as they explore our arm of the Milky Way, finding new worlds, meeting new aliens and facing new dangers. Look for both in early summer.

As always, the Resilient Earth blog will bring news and information regarding the usurpation and debasement of science for crass political purposes, whether it be global warming, alternative energy or other green pseudoscience hoaxes. Eclectic and far ranging, we will help you stay informed on matters of climate and energy in 2014. Thank you for reading our blog and our books, and all the best in the new year.

Al & Doug

Greeting the new year

Keep up the good work fellas, I've enjoyed your tech books and one of the rollicking tales and also broke four score last year. Lets all move on up. Bergbiker