Hunting Immortality, Allen Simmons' Latest Suspense Thriller

The Resilient Earth Press is pleased to announce that Allen Simmons' latest suspense thriller, Hunting Immortality, is now available on Amazon's kindle eBook reader. Follow the chilling adventure of a young scientist just out of Grad School who receives a job offer that is just too good to be true. Transported from her safe, comfortable life in North Carolina into the shadowy world of a secretive multinational research company, she uncovers an unspeakable horror in the Swiss Alps. Action, Suspense and terror mingle in this pulse pounding novel based on genetic engineering that could be taking place today.

Hunting Immortality is Allen Simmons' fifth novel for REP and his best yet. Here is the author's synopsis:

Casey Lord just earned her PhD in genetics. She has job offers from companies close to where she lives. Her fiancé has asked her to marry him as soon as he replaces his father as CEO of their family controlled business worth billions. Her future looks bright from any angle until she receives a note from Zura Labs, which causes her perfect future to take a horrible turn. A private jet whisks her from a local airport to a Swiss lab for a job interview. When she gets there, she is stunned by the size of the place and the huge amount of money offered to her. She must choose her fate, not knowing an evil beyond criminal, worse than cruel or insane, lurks at Zura Labs; a place run by a wealthy man, with zero conscience, who is smitten the instant he meets Casey Lord for her interview.

Great summer reading from Resilient Earth Press. Download Hunting Immortality to your kindle device today.