Mischief's Summer by Allen SImmons published as eBook

The Resilient Earth Press is proud to announce the publication of Mischief's Summer by Allen Simmons. Fifteen-year-old Jeff Slater gets hired as a paid hand on luxury yacht Mischief owned by Clifford and Sybil Hinshaw. The owners assume Jeff is eighteen—he is big and smart for his age and Jeff does not correct their assumption because he wants a job on a big yacht. This unspoken lie leads Jeff into dangerous uncharted waters where evil happens.

Here is the author's short description of the plot:

The yachting world seethes with rich, beautiful people living the good life, so thinks Jeff Slater from modest means. He gets a summer job on sailing yacht, Mischief, owned by the wealthy Hinshaws. The Hinshaws assume Jeff is eighteen, though he is only fifteen. They never ask his age and Jeff never mentions it. This omission becomes crucial to Jeff, the Hinshaws and their sixteen year old daughter, Holly. Enter Willow Whitlock, best friend of Holly's mother, Sibyl. Jeff suspects Willow has an evil side. Holly and Jeff become more then friends as they discover Willow's scheme to destroy Holly's mother.

Set in the haunts of the upper-class Massachusetts yachting set, this is a coming of age story that you will never forget. Mischief's Summer is now available in Kindle eBook format on Amazon.com. You can check out all of the books by Allen Simmons and other authors at the Resilient Earth Press.

Mischief Summer

This is a great book review Does this book also come on ebook format?

Please do let me know thank you


Mischief's Summer

yes, Mischief's Summer is on ebook for $2.99