New Climate Science Book By Dr. Tim Ball

If you follow the political and scientific debate over climate change there is a new book out that might be of interest. In The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science, Dr. Tim Ball exposes the malicious misuse of climate science by dishonest brokers to advance the agenda of the progressive left. How was legitimate science twisted into a morass of convoluted gibberish? Dr. Ball explores how and why the science was distorted for political purposes. This book explains clearly why Climate Change Alarmism deserves its descriptive label.

“When I started my academic career in climatology the general view was the world was in a cooling trend and it would continue,” says author Tim Ball. “The adaptation of environment and climate as a political vehicle to push their anti-capitalism, anti-development, and in extremes anti-humanity, were already under way. Unknowingly, I was to run headlong into their agenda.”

Dr. Ball's book, The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science, helps expose the climate change sham, how a perversion of science has become a totally political cause. Learn more about Ball at his website, Here is an excerpt:

Throughout my career I’ve worked to help people learn and understand climate and how it changes. The contradiction amused me when I was dubbed a climate change denier. So much information in today’s world is couched in jargon or terminology alien to most. This is expanding with the change from generalist to specialist understanding. It means abandonment of general rules and even forbids generalizations. The chances of understanding are diminished as each specialist only knows one small piece of any complex system.

Climatology is a generalist discipline in a world of specialization. Even a basic understanding requires integration of almost everything from cosmic radiation from space to volcanic heat on the bottom of the ocean and everything in between. It is almost impossible to leave anything out as those who try to produce simulations through climate models understand or ignore depending upon their objective.

Tim Ball holds a PhD (Doctor of Science) in Climatology from Queen Mary College, University of London.

A much needed documentary

Tim Ball documents the world wide deception and scientific corruption involved in achieving the global warming/climate change environmental panic that has lead to massive uneconomic expenditures and unreliable and costly energy supplies. Readers will learn how a Canadian with a high school education and a history of failed and environmentally damaging private sector ventures in the US and Canada, but a penchant for managing pseudo-government bureaucracies skillfully orchestrated a campaign by a cabal of powerful people emanating from the Club of Rome. This same individual publicly stated his goal: “Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring it about?”

Tim shows how the World was manipulated through the UN bureaucracy in accepting a perplexing new definition for climate change: “A change of climate which is attributable directly or indirectly to human activity that alters the composition of the global atmosphere and which is in addition to natural climate variability over considerable time periods.” The definition makes a clear human signal mandatory, but that is impossible unless the amount and cause of natural change is known.

Computer modeling was used extensively to erroneously forecast future scenarios with different levels of human produced CO2, a minor green house gas. Tim explains in a detailed non-complex fashion why these simulations are completely useless and meaningless. However; the forecasts released to the media achieved the cabal’s goal in alarming the public. He also explores the deficiencies in the meteorological records and how they were manipulated by the cabal to support their goal. The hockey stick by Mann and time series graphs by other researchers in the cabal using a combination of actual data and proxy data to promote their goal are explained. Many of these issues have been covered extensively in the past in this blog.

References are made to Donna Laframboise, author of the “Delinquent Teenager” in revealing the corruption of the IPCC, and in particular, the misuse of “peer reviewed”.

As a Canadian, I am ashamed that this giant hoax was led by a Canadian and abetted by numerous Canadian powerful bureaucrats and politicians. However, Canadians like Tim and Donna have steadfastly withstood their ground through insults and threats of litigation.

A previous comment criticizes Tim’s writing. This is a documentary, not a novel. Tim’s documentary would make a great plot for a book of fiction by Allen Simmons, an author revered by both me and my wife. He could even stick in a couple of steamy romantic sessions.

Don Farley

Gatineau, Quebec Canada

Great Book Idea, Terrible Author

Tim Ball disputes the validity of Evolution and lumps those who accept its truth in with AGW alarmists. And he does so again in the first pages of the book you are promoting here.

Unacceptable and counter-productive and sad.

I admire your book and web site a great deal, but promoting Dr. Ball makes it difficult to recommend your site as a first stop for those wishing to "deprogram" themselves from climate hysteria.


Tim Ball

Your comment is itself the grossest distortion of what Dr Ball actually argues. He does not dispute the "validity of evolution". Read his book and see for yourself. His discussion of evolution is actually a much more subtle one than you have implied, and your mis-understanding of it is clear evidence of your failure to follow a technical argument in its real context. Essentially, your comment is just silly.


Analysis of Tony's comment.

Four out of the five sentences in your reply are criticisms, negative assumptions and dismissive verbiage about ME. So I'll focus on the single sentence that directly addresses the point of my comment: "He does not dispute the 'validity of evolution.'"

Let's hear from Ball himself: "[E]volutionary theory is not proven law after 150 years of effort."

What other ways are there to read that statement?

The larger point he is making doesn't matter. One should analyze each step of a logical argument. Ball writes those words in the form of a "given" in his thesis. Ball does not believe that Evolution has been proven. (Maybe the word "silly" really does deserve a place in this discussion after all...)

As I originally stated, I'm on Ball's "side" regarding AGW. But his views on Creationism and Evolution, however "subtle" they are, make it an uncomfortable side to be on sometimes.

In Science

One can never prove that something is right. One can only prove that something is wrong. The theory of Evolution can never be proven correct. But it has not been falsified for 150 years, proven wrong, so it's considered pretty robust.

How Theory Works.

That is correct. Einstein said that "No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right; a single experiment can prove me wrong."

Repeatable results, direct support for a theory which arise from entirely different approaches; indirect support from examination of other phenomena which have some relationship to the one in question; or the repeatable results of a specific experiment which confirms the contrary to the theory are just some of the ways in which explanations of phenomena gain support or are eventually discarded.

So far, I like this site in that it promotes skepticism but I have yet to see if it is healthy skepticism or not or to what degree. In that light I have found viewing anything Mr. Ball says about dynamic climatological theory with healthy skepticism since he is a dilettante in that area whose letters were earned in a peripheral field.


Just to be clear, we posted the book announcement as a favor to someone who helped us promote our books in the past. It is not an endorsement of the author's ideas presented in that book or elsewhere, nor some kind of tacit book review. As always, we expect our readers to make up their own minds regarding the veracity of statements made by others (or us, for that matter). If you wish to have a discussion of the ideas contained in Dr. Ball's book here, please feel free. Just keep things civil.

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