Original Theme Restored

In response to popular demand, the original Resilient Earth theme has been restored as the default site theme. The voting on the poll was 65% for the old theme vs 35% for the newer, light theme. Though it was neck in neck at the beginning the old theme pulled ahead a few weeks ago and has continued to widen its lead. We here at The Resilient Earth value your input so, as promised, the theme had been changed as an early Christmas present for our loyal readers.

Those of you who preferred the light colored theme can still us it by becoming a member of the site. Members can select their own theme by going to "My Account" -> "Edit". Part way down the page there will be a block with thumbnail images of the three available themes. The light theme is called “resilientlight” while the dark theme is “resilientearth2”. Again, we appreciate your reading our website and buying our books on Amazon.com. Merry Christmas.

Doug & Al

Resilient Earth theme

"The original Resilient Earth theme has been restored"

Thank you, thank you! The original is much more inspiring/inspired.


Old Theme Restored

Ditto that! ☺

Resilient Earth theme

Great! I think it looks better

Happy New Yeear