Parker's Folly, Doug L. Hoffman's Science Fiction Adventure, Now Available In Trade Paperback

The Resilient Earth Press is pleased to announce that Doug Hoffman's action filled science fiction adventure novel, Parker's Folly, is now available in print. The novel is available in a high quality 6x9 inch format trade paper back from With Christmas rapidly approaching, Parker's Folly would make a great gift for that science fiction fan on your list. This version contains the exact same text as the previously published Kindle eBook version, so either way you will not miss a single word of this wonderful new space opera.

Here is a scene from Parker's Folly, the full version of the snippet on the back cover of the print version. After a harrowing departure from TK Parker's derigible hanger/construction shed, Parker's Folly has reached low Earth orbit. They then discover that a gigantic coronal eruption on the Sun is threatening to destroy anything in orbit, including three unfortunate cosmonauts trapped on the International Space Station...

   Ludmilla Tropsha was startled to hear a voice through the crackling static on the station's radio. Perhaps her mind was starting to play tricks on her. No, there it was again, a man's voice speaking English.

   “ISS, this is Parker's Folly, do you read me?”

   She must be hallucinating, they had lost contact with mission control half an hour ago.

   “ISS, ISS, this is Parker's Folly, is there anyone on board? Please respond.”

   Feeling as though she was in a dream, Luda moved to the radio console and answered. “Party calling ISS, this is Lt. Col. Ludmilla Tropsha. Please state your name and the purpose of this call.”

   “Colonel Tropsha, this is Captain Jack Sutton on board the spaceship Parker's Folly, we were afraid that you were already gone.”

   Ludmilla felt her anger rising, what kind of cruel, twisted man would play such a trick? “Is this some kind of sick joke? We will all be gone soon enough!”

   “I assure you this is not a joke, Colonel. Please look out of your observation port and you will see my ship.”

   The Destiny lab module has a single Earth-facing window, made of optically pure, telescope-quality glass. Cursing herself for a fool, Ludmilla moved over to the 20 inch circular window. Despite herself, Luda felt hope rising in her breast. She was almost too afraid to look out the window, afraid to have that spark of hope dashed. She looked out and... there was a ship hanging in space next to the space station.

   And what a ship it was! A long gleaming silver cigar of a ship with a nose like Baccarat crystal. Where did it come from? How could such a thing exist? The ISS was supposed to be the biggest thing mankind had ever sent into space—the habitable assembly 51 meters long, the truss 109 meters wide, weighing 370 metric tons. The silver vision floating outside the window easily dwarfed the station. Plus, the strange ship was solid, all of one piece, while the ISS looked like some cobbled together collection of space junk.

   Luda's vision became blurred as tears of joy filled her eyes—in zero-gravity tears do not flow down cheeks, they simply well up on the surface of the eyes and must be wiped or batted away by blinking. She went back to the radio console, now half afraid that the silver ship would disappear when she left the window.

   “Captain, this is the ISS. Who are you? Where did you come from?” She paused and then added, “Are you from Earth?”

   “Why yes, Ma'am. Actually, we're from Texas.”

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