Peggy Sue, Doug L. Hoffman's Latest Science Fiction Adventure, Published On Kindle

The Resilient Earth Press is pleased to announce that Doug Hoffman's much anticipated sequel to Parker's Folly, Peggy Sue is now available on Amazon's kindle eBook reader. Captain Jack Sutton and the crew of the starship Peggy Sue have returned to Earth following a close escape from a hostile alien space station in the Beta Comae Berenices system. Their warnings about coming interstellar war go unheeded and several members of the crew are incarcerated. The missing crew is soon rescued, TK Parker and friends help establish a base on the farside of the Moon, and the Peggy Sue once again sails forth into the Galaxy—this time hunting for answers and possible allies. Relationships deepen and bonds between crewmembers grow stronger as the intrepid band of explorers face a future that they did not ask for. New species are encountered, several of them hostile. Indeed, the mysterious T'aafhal are finally revealed—raising even more questions about the ancient war between warm life and the Dark Lords, setting the scene for the Earth shattering climax. Peggy Sue is the second book in the T'aafhal Inheritance trilogy.

Here is a scene from Peggy Sue, the full version of the snippet on the back cover of the print version. While attempting to return home to Japan, former astronaut Yuki Saito is incarcerated by the police and turned over to the dreaded Yakuza. ...

   “Hey, you got anything to drink, asshole?” asked one of the yakuza, looking around the apartment. All three were evidently sizing up what they could take from the apartment once the deal for Yuki was finalized and he was bundled off to China. One of them turned on the entertainment center, blaring popular music out of the surrounding speakers.

   “There is beer in the refrigerator,” was Yuki's curt reply. To him, these men were scum, criminals and thieves not worthy of attention. Unfortunately, he was outnumbered and he had glimpsed a pistol stuck in the waistband of one of the men. He would rather die here than spend the rest of his life as a slave in China. If he could get to his grandfather's sword he could take at least some of them with him.

   Unknown to Yuki, Gretchen was on the ledge just outside his porch. Bobby had dropped her off at the side of the building and, like a ninja of old, she had scaled the side of the apartment building to the sixth floor. Her problem now was figuring out how to get inside without alarming the three men guarding Yuki.

   She carefully moved around the ledge to the bedroom window, quietly testing it with one hand—it was unlocked! As she slid the window open she could hear loud music from the other room. Noise from her movements masked by the music, she quickly slipped into the darkened bedroom. Peering surreptitiously around the edge of the doorway, she could see two of the guards. Yuki and the third were not visible from her vantage point.

   Yuki was still not aware of Gretchen's presence. He was trying to move closer to the swords on the mantle without attracting the attention of his three keepers. As it was, he was almost close enough to seize the grip of the katana. Having practiced tamishigiri, the cutting of rolled mats with swords, he knew he could slice a man in half with the larger sword. Still, he would not be able to dispatch all three yakuza before one of them pulled a gun. It would take a master Samurai like Musashi Myamoto, the legendary 17th century sword master, to kill them all before they could react.

   Blue light flickered from the bedroom, striking first one then the other of the farthest yakuza. The yakuza nearest Yuki heard his comrades cry out as they fell and spun around, gun in hand. A tall figure in black holding a strange looking weapon stepped out of the bedroom doorway. The remaining gangster raised his pistol to fire.

   Gretchen had decided to chance a sudden attack, rather than wait to be discovered lurking in the bedroom. She shot the two men she could see with her stunner and then stepped around the door opening looking for the third. To her left, the third guard stood between her and Yuki, pointing a pistol at her. Oh shit, she thought, knowing she could not stun her opponent before he fired.

   The yakuza pulled the trigger, intent on shooting the black clad intruder, but nothing happened. He looked down to see why his gun had not fired only to find that his hand, gun and all, was no longer attached to his forearm. Before he could figure out how this happened the room spun crazily as his head was neatly severed from his shoulders. The pain just started to registered as the room faded to black.

Peggy Sue is filled with old friends, new characters, new aliens and battles galore. You do not want to miss a single page of this exciting new space adventure. Doug is busy working on book three, titled M'tak Ka'fek, to be released in the fall of 2013.


I am enjoying Peggy Sue almost as much as Parker's Folly - but it seems that your editor/editing wasn't done nearly as well in Peggy Sue and it's pretty distracting.

I think you've pretty much hit the target you said you were aiming at in the preface to the first book. It's the kind of story that reminds me of the fun I had reading when I was much younger.


Editing the books

EBooks are like software, new versions get released overtime fixing bugs. If you find errors in my books please send them to me so they can be corrected. If you find a whole bunch and report them I will add your name to those explicitly thanked in the preface (assuming you wish it). Glad you are enjoying the books. M'tak Ka'fek, book number three, is now out.

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Give-a-way over but still a great book

They are nolonger giving the first book in the series away for free but I reccomend both Parker's Folly and Peggy Sue. Great story, great characters, great action and a sense of humor.

Paperback version coming

Several people have asked if there will be a hardcopy version of Peggy Sue. The answer is definitely yes. I am anxiously awaiting a final review copy and, assuming it checks out OK, the paperback version should go on sale in a week or so.

Book Three

I am currently working on book three of the T'aafhal Inheritance trilogy, titled M'tak Ka'fek. It should be available in the fall. Thank's for reading my books.