A poll to test the Lewandowsky methodology

Here is an opportunity for global warming skeptics to participate in a survey. Have you heard of Dr. Stephan Lewandowsky? He is a cognitive scientist, currently Chair of Cognitive Psychology at the University of Bristol. He is also a global warming true believer who has attempted to discredit climate change skeptics using psychobabble and unethical scientific studies. One of the favorite smears used by Lewandowsky to try and diminish the arguments of climate skeptics is publishing psuedo-scientific psychological studies that "prove" skeptics are conspiracy theorists. In response, Brandon Schollenberger is running a poll of his own to capture the attitudes of skeptics over at WUWT. If you are a skeptic please take the short anonymous poll...

(The following was coppied off of the WUWT website)

Brandon Schollenberger writes:

As you’re aware, Stephan Lewandowsky has written several papers claiming to have found certain traits amongst global warming skeptics. I believe his methodology is fundamentally flawed. I believe a flaw present in his methodology is also present in the work of many others.

To test my belief, I’m seeking participants for a short survey (13 questions). The questions are designed specifically to test a key aspect of Lewandowsky’s methodology. The results won’t be published in any scientific journal, but I’ll do a writeup on them once the survey is closed and share it online.

The Poll follows.

Please feel free to participate and/or share the survey with anyone you’d like:

click here

Note: the poll is just one page, and after submitting you’ll get a “make your own survey” ad page.

Observations on the Shollenberger Survey

Poll now closed

As a number of people have noticed the poll is now closed. When the results are posted we will provide a link and a recap of the results. In the meanwhile you can find out more about this clown Lewandowsky here.

Comment by Brandon Shollenberger

The following was posted on rankexploits.com by survey author Brandon Shollenberger:

    Niels A Nielsen, I closed the survey after 24 hours so I could start working on the results. I had gotten over five thousand responses so there was no sense in keeping it open longer.

    I know people may have missed it since it was only open for 24 hours. As such, I opened a second, identical survey:


    Which will remain open so people can take it anytime. I don’t anticipate using its results, but who knows?

"Sorry this survey has now been closed."

"Sorry this survey has now been closed."