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Welcome to the Resilient Earth Press web site. The Resilient Earth Press was founded in 2012 to provide a common outlet for books written by Doug L. Hoffman and Allen Simmons, the authors of the book The Resilient Earth. Hoffman and Simmons have collaborated on several books in the past but they also have their own projects, mostly works of fiction. Simmons tends to write action/adventure novels while Hoffman writes science fiction. On this site you will find descriptions of their past works and links to where they can be purchased. The release of new works will be announced on the Resilient Earth blog.

You can find out more about the authors, Hoffman & Simmons, on the “About Us” page. There you will find the story behind the origin of The Resilient Earth and short biographies of Simmons and Hoffman. The authors can be reached via the “Contact Us” page. Comments can also be posted on the REP Facebook page.

Below you will find our books organized in fiction and non-fiction sections. Each entry shows the book's cover, the author(s) and a brief synopsis of the work. There will also be a link to where the book can be purchased online. Note that the works will be available as ebooks, in print or both. We hope you will buy, read and enjoy our work, whether it be fiction or non-fiction.

Science Fiction

Doug L. Hoffman

In Starflake—the third book in the T'aafhal Legacy series—the adventures of the officers and crew of the starship Peggy Sue continue. Once again we find Captain Billy Ray Vincent in command of the Honorable Orion Arm Trading Company's vessel Peggy Sue. After being bushwhacked in the Alpha Phoenicis system, chronicled in The Queen's Daemon, more than a year has passed and the merchant explorers are about to take delivery of a new starship, the Peggy Sue II. After becoming embroiled in war and revolution far from home they realized they need a stouter ship and more Marines, many more Marines.

This time they are going far afield, headed for the Pleiades, a star nursery with a number of blue-white giant stars. They are following a hint from the T'aafhal AI they found on the planet of the Ant Queen, telling them to “find the missing Pleiad.” With their new ship and expanded crew they head out on a journey that will take them more than 400 light-years from home. A journey far beyond human space and the protection of the fleet. Naturally, things do not go as planned.

384 pages

Kindle eBookPublished: April 29, 2016
PaperbackPublished: April 29, 2016

The Queen's Daemon
Doug L. Hoffman

The voyage of the Peggy Sue continues under the command of Captain Billy Ray Vincent. The story resumes a year after the events on the deadly planet Paradise, chronicled in book one, Ghosts of Orion. The Peggy Sue has traveled farther away from Earth than any human built ship, “almost one hundred light-years as the crow flies,” as Captain Vincent observed. After stopping to fill up with deuterium on an icy moon circling an unnamed planet of an insignificant remnant of a dead star, the Captain decides to head back to Earth and home. On they way the pass through Alpha Phoenicis, a binary star system in the constellation of the phoenix. There the receive a signal that could only have come from an artifact of the T'aafhal, the mysterious vanished alien race whose actions thrust humanity onto the galactic stage. They immediately change course for the signal's point of origin—a small planet orbiting a red dwarf that is the companion star to the system's main orange giant. What they don't know is that they are about to find themselves in the midst of an interplanetary invasion, and an ambush by an undetectable Dark Lord ship that strands Mizuki on the planet's surface. A raging battle for succession among the natives is complicated by meddling “daemons” from another planet in the system. Can the Captain and crew repair the Peggy Sue, overcome the treacherous Dark Lords and rescue Mizuki? Will the princess that befriends Mizuki survive to become queen? Will Mizuki live to become The Queen's Daemon? The Queen's Daemon is the second book of the T'aafhal Legacy series, the sequel to the popular T'aafhal Inheritance trilogy.

372 pages

Kindle eBookPublished: June 30, 2015
PaperbackPublished: June 30, 2015

Ghosts of Orion
Doug L. Hoffman

The natives of planet Earth have survived their debut as a spacefaring species, barely. Having eradicated the Dark Lords' minions from surrounding space humanity is ready to send out its first colonists. Ahead of the colonists' ship another starship, the Peggy Sue, owned by the Orion Arm Trading Company, arrives in the chosen system and finds something very strange about the planet selected to be humanity's first outpost among the stars. It has a perfect atmosphere, clear blue oceans and not too much gravity—and absolutely no indigenous life. The merchants on board the Peggy Sue are led by former Navy officers: Captain Billy Ray Vincent, First Officer Beth Melaku, Sailing Master Bobby Danner and Science Officer Mizuki Ogawa. Their experience on previous voyages and fighting aliens has made them wary of inexplicable things, but the colonists soon arrive and start building their settlements on the planet they name Paradise. Not quite trusting the colonists on their own, Captain Vincent takes the Peggy Sue to survey the outer reaches of the system. There they find even more strange things, while back on Paradise the colonists' presence awakens something long dead. Set in the same Universe as the popular T'aafhal Inheritance trilogy, join the crew of the starship Peggy Sue as they travel to the stars on new adventures. Familiar characters are joined by new as the crew seeks their fortunes among the stars of the Orion Arm. Awaiting the intrepid crew are strange alien races to discovery, new mysteries to solve, and new dangers to over come. Join them in the Ghosts or Orion, first book in the T'aafhal Legacy series.

352 pages

Kindle eBookPublished: August 1, 2014
PaperbackPublished: August 1, 2014

M'tak Ka'fek
Doug L. Hoffman

M'tak Ka'fek completes the epic saga of Captain Jack Sutton and the crew of the Peggy Sue. Book three of the T'aafhal Inheritance trilogy finds Earth in a desperate battle for survival and Capt. Jack Sutton stranded 1500 light-years from home. After the narrow escape from Sirius at the end of book two, the crew is split—the majority returning to Earth with Gretchen and Ludmilla, while fewer than a score are trapped aboard an ancient T'aafhal battle cruiser, the M'tak Ka'fek. Traveling far across the Orion Arm through a wormhole to escape a near nova strength explosion, Captain Jack finds himself far from home in a spaceship that is almost out of fuel. Jack and his band of buccaneers are forced to fight for double dealing aliens to get the antimatter they need to return home. During their absence, Ludmilla, TK, Gretchen, Billy Ray and the rest are forced to defend a ravaged Earth. The Dark Lords pummel Earth's survivors while, in a race against time, Jack and crew race to refuel the M'tak Ka'fek. Will they find what they seek in time to return home, defend Earth, and save the ones they love? Do not miss the explosive conclusion of the T'aafhal Inheritance.

368 pages

Kindle eBookPublished: October 9, 2013
PaperbackPublished: October 9, 2013

Peggy Sue
Doug L. Hoffman

Captain Jack Sutton and the crew of the starship Peggy Sue have returned to Earth following a close escape from a hostile alien space station in the Beta Comae Berenices system. Their warnings about coming interstellar war go unheeded and several members of the crew are incarcerated. The missing crew is soon rescued, TK Parker and friends help establish a base on the farside of the Moon, and the Peggy Sue once again sails forth into the Galaxy—this time hunting for answers and possible allies. Relationships deepen and bonds between crewmembers grow stronger as the intrepid band of explorers face a future that they did not ask for. New species are encountered, several of them hostile. Indeed, the mysterious T'aafhal are finally be revealed—raising even more questions about the ancient war between warm life and the Dark Lords, setting the scene for the Earth shattering climax. Peggy Sue is the second book in the T'aafhal trilogy.

354 pages

Kindle eBookPublished: January 30, 2013
PaperbackPublished: February 5, 2013

Parker's Folly
Doug L. Hoffman

It started with Air Force nuclear detection satellites picking up radiation from the middle of West Texas, and rumors that an eccentric oil billionaire was building a spaceship in an old abandoned dirigible hanger. A TV news team, a squad of Marines and a bevy of law enforcement personnel soon converged on TK Parker's ranch, forcing the crewmembers on board Parker's Folly to depart hastily, trapping the news people and Marines aboard. With a skeleton crew, Captain Jack Sutton managed to reach orbit in time to rescue three stranded cosmonauts from the International Space Station before a massive solar eruption killed them. From there, the ad hoc crew continued to the Moon where they found something no one expected: aliens—hostile aliens. The adventure for Captain Sutton and Lieutenants Curtis and Bear is only beginning, as they discover the fate of humanity and all life on Earth is in their hands. Parker's Folly is a space opera in the tradition of Heinlein and EE Doc Smith that delivers speculative science, a bit of romance and lots of action. Parker's Folly s the first book in the T'aafhal trilogy.

354 pages

Kindle eBookPublished: September 25, 2012
PaperbackPublished: November 7, 2012

Fiction: Mystery & Thrillers

The Sixth Assassin
Allen Simmons

Charter yacht owner Jeff Slater nearly loses his life as a storm drives him onto the shore of St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands. He knows this is bad luck because a year ago eight people were assassinated on the island's Fountain Valley golf course by five gunmen. All five assassins were caught and sent to prison for life. Unknown to everyone but Meg Randall, there was a sixth assassin. She took photos of the person but couldn't tell if it was a man or a woman because of heavy hunting clothes and ski mask the person wore. Jeff and Meg have vibes going, but he can't read her because she was like a flag in the wind. Other women similar in looks to Meg enter the fray, but that sixth assassin lurks out there.

261 pages

Kindle eBookPublished: January 30, 2015

Message to ISIS
Allen Simmons

The middle East is aflame with Islamic terrorism, nations are being ripped apart, and the international oil markets are on the verge of chaos. CIA Agent Lisa Moore is sent to Texas and Saudi Arabia on a secret mission by her boss, where assassins try to killer her to keep her from discovering a plot to drive up the world's oil prices. In Saudi Arabia she meets Rick Stone, an expat construction engineer who is involved in some shady dealings of his own. Together they uncover how ISIS plans to conquer the Middle East, and eventually rule the entire world. But things are not so simple, as multiple plots are discovered involving oil men, Saudi princes and US covert operatives. Lisa and Rick find love and fight to thwart those who would kill them. Can they succeed in sending a Message to ISIS?

272 pages

Kindle eBookPublished: October 27, 2014

Hunting Immortality
Allen Simmons

Casey Lord just earned her PhD in genetics. She has job offers from companies close to where she lives. Her fiancé has asked her to marry him as soon as he replaces his father as CEO of their family controlled business worth billions. Her future looks bright from any angle until she receives a note from Zura Labs, which causes her perfect future to take a horrible turn. A private jet whisks her from a local airport to a Swiss lab for a job interview. When she gets there, she is stunned by the size of the place and the huge amount of money offered to her. She must choose her fate, not knowing an evil beyond criminal, worse than cruel or insane, lurks at Zura Labs; a place run by a wealthy man, with zero conscience, who is smitten the instant he meets Casey Lord for her interview.

~250 pages

Kindle eBookPublished: May 23, 2013

Fatal Trust
Allen Simmons

The victim is a young woman with green eyes and auburn hair. Her corpse wears a red lifejacket and is set adrift in the Gulf Stream with the chance the strong current could take her all the way across the Atlantic Ocean. Miami-Dade County, 200 square miles in size, and inhabited by two and a half million people, has a serial killer in their midst. Whoever the serial killer is, there’s a pattern to the crime. The story kicks off when athletic Beth Norcross, a Miami U. student who loves to sport fish, finds victim Drew Meadows floating in the Gulf Stream. With fresh forensic evidence, Drew hasn’t been dead more than a dozen hours, Detectives Liza Angelo and Mitch Miller jump on the case and turn up a gumbo of suspects. There’s mean Clay Thatch, a beyond crazy drug dealer and ex-boyfriend of Drew Meadows. There’s Mo Finger, owner of Blue Heron, a pole dance club that would make Sodom and Gomorrah look like a Cub Scout camp. Drew Meadows danced there and wouldn’t let Mo touch her, but serviced a lot of johns, which drove Mo nuts. There’s Eddy Stone, x-boyfriend of Beth Norcross, who cannot believe Beth is gone from his life. Between sneaking around Beth, he’s racked up a felony sheet three pages long and the police want to catch him and put him in a cage. Beth Norcross befriends fellow student Mary Lou Shea. Beth comes from super wealth, Mary Lou from meager means and has been abused. Their relationship is critical to the story that moves with the speed and force of a Miami hurricane. Fatal Trust is a novel for thriller fans of all genders.

250 pages

Kindle eBookPublished: January 9, 2013

Atlantic Woman
Allen Simmons

Her name is Kate Lockhart. She’s an archeologist by profession and heiress by birth. She comes home to southeast Massachusetts to collect her $20 million inheritance. Her third day there, while poking around Gay Head, she makes a discovery—ancient bones and artifacts—that could change U.S. history or even the chronicle of all the Americas. Unfortunately, her discovery is on Indian land, making the artifacts sacred remains protected by Federal law. She doesn’t know a man, part Indian, full time psycho, hidden from her view, makes a movie of her taking bones and artifacts from Indian land. She hires an attorney to protect her find and learns her older and only brother, William, named trustee of her inheritance, has stolen her entire bequest. Her brother faces prison for stealing his sister’s money. The movie making Indian is wanted by the police for rape, arson, larceny and a long sheet of crimes. Kate’s lawyer Jack Duncan, owner of a huge yacht and a private plane is a mystery to all, but passion blooms with his unique client. The story is told through the eyes of these four people. It reveals their tendencies to be good, or nasty; similar to New England weather, as they advance the story with hurricane force.

250 pages

Kindle eBookPublished: September 30, 2012

Mischief's Summer
Allen Simmons

Fifteen-year-old Jeff Slater gets hired as a paid hand on luxury yacht Mischief owned by Clifford and Sybil Hinshaw. The owners assume Jeff is eighteen—he is big and smart for his age and Jeff does not correct their assumption because he wants a job on a big yacht. This unspoken lie leads Jeff into dangerous uncharted waters where evil happens. Jeff’s omission regarding his age becomes crucial to him, to the Hinshaws and their seventeen-year-old daughter, Holly. Jeff learns that a yacht is an intimate space and he sees and hears things about the owners and their guests that astound his sense of decency. Enter Willow Whitlocke, best friend of Sibyl Hinshaw. Jeff does not see Willow as anyone’s friend—he see something dark and sinister in the woman and in her so-called friendship with Sybil. Holly and Jeff become more than sail-mates as they discover a malevolent scheme of Willow’s to destroy Holly’s mother. As Jeff navigates through nature’s storms and the turbulent milieu of the dysfunctional Hinshaw family, he carries on a secret romance with Holly—a first romance that brings tragedy to him and to others.

236 pages

Paperback Published: July 22, 2003
Kindle eBookPublished: October 13, 2012


The Resilient Earth: Science, Global Warming and the Fate of Humanity
Doug L. Hoffman & Allen Simmons

A million years after the birth of our sun, the violent explosion of a nearby supernova nearly ended life on Earth before it began. Over the next four and a half billion years, forces of nature shaped our planet and the life it harbored. Barely surviving the traumatic birth of the Moon, buffeted by supernovae, and bombarded by asteroids, the resilient Earth endured. And despite planet-freezing ice ages, devastating mass extinctions, and ever changing climate, life not only survived, it thrived. Today, we are told all life on Earth is threatened by a new peril--human-caused global warming. The Resilient Earth presents the science behind global warming for a general audience, separating fact from fiction and truth from exaggeration.

404 pages

PaperbackPublished: October 29, 2008
Kindle eBookPublished: October 29, 2008

The Energy Gap: How to Solve the World Energy Crisis, Preserve the Environment & Save Civilization
Doug L. Hoffman & Allen Simmons

Humans have a trait that distinguishes us from all other species: the ability to use fire. We turn on a switch and light comes into our homes. With the turn of a key, vehicles take us where we want to go. We adjust a thermostat in our homes to make us warm or cool. These are everyday events we hardly think about. It took centuries of vision, science and engineering to achieve this comfort-point in our long evolutionary journey. Today, an average person lives better than kings lived several centuries ago. As we revealed the facts behind global warming in our last book, The Resilient Earth, we take the same tack in out latest work, The Energy Gap. In its pages, we present the hard science and engineering that will close a looming energy gap for our country and the world. There is also a warning. If we chose the political route, the activist route, the human race will slide backwards for the first time since the Industrial Revolution. If we choose the correct path, as revealed in The Energy Gap, our species will continue its forward march towards a brighter future for all on Earth.

400 pages

PaperbackPublished: June 1, 2010
Kindle eBookPublished: January 7, 2013

Biography & Memoirs

Son Of A Coal Miner
Clair j. Hoffman

Clair J. Hoffman's autobiographical account of growing up in Pennsylvania coal country during the 1930's and 1940's. Told as a number of stories involving the author's family and the people of the small town of Aristes, this is a personal remembrance of a childhood spent in an America that no longer exists. Written to capture the vernacular used by the local people these tales will bring a smile to the face of anyone who grew up in those days in small town America. Illustrated.

116 pages

Kindle eBookPublished: May 29, 2013
HardcoverPublished: July 23, 2008